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Friday, March 22, 2019


Dear Hard work, Thank You!

Dear hard work, thank you! Thank you for coming into my life, Thank you for being patient with me. I'm sorry for running away from you at first, when you called my name. I heard you, loud and clear at first. But I was scared and refused to harken to you.   When you tried to adopt...

Why! Why!! Why!!! (Poetry)

While we are still living, While breathe is oozing out of our nostrils, While our eyelids are still blinking and seeing, While our legs and hands are still strong to grasp and hold, While our lips and tongues are still functioning at the utmost for digestion, While our arteries and veins are still supporting the hearts for circulation.

Never Knew!

Never knew I could be born without a silver spoon, Never knew he could be born into riches and wealth, Never knew I could be struggling with the issues of life, Never knew he could be find life rosy, Never knew that my parents could get separated, Never knew his parents will live forever, Never...

The First Time I Caught My Mother Beaten

A busy party, my mother, her boyfriend, and me…everyone is having fun, drinking, laughing, and enjoying themselves. My mother and I lived with this boyfriend, I’ll call him Ben, for two years.  Everything was so perfect.  He was good to us both, and everyone was happy…At...

3 Ways to Optimizing Your Blog For Better Search Results

Having a website, blog that requires search engine source out needs lots of hard work. You have to understand the concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A lot of writers & bloggers are negligent of this fact, that's why they can get the result that, they are trying to get through establishing a site or blog.