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Friday, August 17, 2018


On My Way To Work

Challenges are phases of life that we are all destined to pass through consciously or unconsciously. It helps in determining how ready we are and how fateful those we think that they like us are. It helps in discovering our strength and weakness with provisions of experiences, that will make us fulfilled and complete in our sojourn on earth because the beauty of life is accessible for the lion-hearted but it is not meant for the chicken-hearted.

The First Time I Caught My Mother Beaten

A busy party, my mother, her boyfriend, and me…everyone is having fun, drinking, laughing, and enjoying themselves. My mother and I lived with this boyfriend, I’ll call him Ben, for two years.  Everything was so perfect.  He was good to us both, and everyone was happy…At least this one last...

From the CEO & Publisher of Express Impacts!

Hi Guys, A huge 'Thank You' to every one that has been part in this Journey of Express Impacts so far! As a Company and a Media Publishing Firm, we have face downside for a while now, at first we assumed we have failed to keep to our Vision and...