3 Reasons, Why You Should Have A Mobile Note-Pad Or Personal Journal With You Always As A Writer

1. Consistency in capturing ideas. Everything came in existence as a result of adventure built on ideas. These ideas are captured at a certain thinking frequency! We’re built to control the position of our mind as human, but we can’t control the thoughts that comes into it. If you’re smart and sensitive, you can easily […]

8 Ways To Use Social Media To Build Your Brand

1. Make your tweets stand out. If you don’t want your posts to get lost in the Twitter stream, make sure to include an image, related link or even an emoji to separate your missives from the torrent of other tweets. 2. Express yourself with longer posts. If you feel limited by Twitter’s 140 character […]

8 Strategies To Overcome Writer’s Block

It’s normal all writers face this problem of writer’s block, even the very best of us all! There is no genius in writing, it’s practice that makes the beast out of us all. Do you face this problem as a writer? If yes, then your prayer just got answered. 1. Lose the “I’m just not […]

Hiding In The Weeds, Will He Find Us Tonight?

We hear him come out, he starts looking around.  Again, he knows the car is there.  He looks our direction…did I make a noise???  He starts walking towards us.  Oh no, what now?

We shuffle.  He starts to run towards us, so Mom yells “run”.  We do.  We run and run, but he eventually catches us…he always does.

Vaping vs. Smoking

The marijuana trend is making leaps and bounds in America and across the globe. More people enjoy using marijuana in some capacity today than ever before; and with the recent legalization of it in numerous states, there’s no doubt that the movement will continue to grow in the coming years. However, much has changed regarding […]

Want to Be A Good Writer? Here’s 6 Tips That Will Help You To Be

To be a good writer, either blogger, content marketer, content writer or other writing endeavors, trust me, it takes time especially, when you just started/starting, but it’s basically easier than becoming a music singer, sport people or even acting etc. Writers are in famous for their self-doubt, whether they’re world-renowned or just another soul, writing. […]

The Sexiest Scents, as Proven By Science

Have you heard the saying that “Science does not lie, it only improves”? You probably have. We all want to be sexy, in any way and by any means possible. In the clothes we wear, the things we say, the way we speak, the way we answer the phone, the way we chew food, how […]

Khajuraho Temples Gems of Ancient India

During my visit to Madhya Pradesh, i wanted to encash every opportunity. So, i decided to explore Khajuraho before leaving the state……Yes, the same you are thinking, the sites belongs to temples of Erotica. After all, it is a famous World heritage site of India. And yes, it is very much true that World know […]