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Friday, April 26, 2019
To be a good writer, either blogger, content marketer, content writer or other writing endeavors, trust me, it takes time especially, when you just started/starting, but it's basically easier than becoming a music singer, sport people...
After a long stressful day, everyone looks forward to a nice relaxing bath. Adding bath salts to your bath will help you replenish and rejuvenate your body from inside out. Bath salts are rich in minerals like sodium, iron,...
Draw imaginative events in the minds of your readers. Don't get your readers bored by not connecting with your writing. Appeal to their senses to keep them following your story(s). For example, the scent of a rare flowers, the beautiful view from a mountain top, the feel of soft towels in a high-end hotel, etc.
It's a new year today! To be precise 2018. People all around the world are rejoicing for another year like this. A lot of individuals today around the world are writing new year resolutions and plans for the year. Kudos to those that have written plans and decisions this year. My job today is to help you achieve your new year resolution(s). Here are 7 tips to fulfilling your new year resolution.
I will be taking part in quite possibly the craziest event yet! I'm stoked, excited and will definitely be looking forward to taking part in and supporting an incredible charity. It’s a Crossfit event taking place at CrossFit Cheltenham, UK and it’s 24...
 Goal setting is something that enables an individual to achieve his/her aims. It's usually a mental or physical list of what an individual intends to achieve. We all have aspirations though most of us don't know how to draw a roadmap to achieving our goals To meet our goals, we need to be focused It's not enough to just daydream and hoping the world will align with our wishes. You must set out with a plan and knowing that your effort start bearing fruit. Below are habits to imbibe as you look to set and achieve your goals in 2018.
Want to know different dress codes and fashion styles for men? Here's an infographic that will show you different styles for different occasions.
As such, I am privy to an incredible range of AI based applications and solutions that are coming down the line, and I am always surprised at the pace of change in the industry. With every change, we need to...
You want to increase your cellular signal, to get more mobile coverage? This info-graphic will help you on this!
All writers have their own strategy once it regards their creativity. Turning into a writer isn't only a career choice it is a lifestyle choice. The ideal way to develop into a better writer...