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What Are The Tenets That Command Relevance.

The combination and application of some of this basic tenets we end up making anyone who desired to be relevant while on earthly pedestal to be able to implant and engrave the memory and consciousness of every human around with with the contribution made while in existence on the surface of earth.

The Littleness in You

No matter the situation and circumstances you might be overwhelmed with,God has deposited in your hands the "little things" that will herald your freedom within a short period of time. In the course of Israelites deliverance from the Egyptians, the rod in the hand of Moses ended up as the instrument of deliverance --- Exodus 4. Never be like Moses that complained about his weaknesses, stuttering and shortcomings to God until God opened his eyes to know that Aaron has been chosen as an assistance.

Why! Why!! Why!!! (Poetry)

While we are still living, While breathe is oozing out of our nostrils, While our eyelids are still blinking and seeing, While our legs and hands are still strong to grasp and hold, While our lips and tongues are still functioning at the utmost for digestion, While our arteries and veins are still supporting the hearts for circulation.

The First Time I Caught My Mother Beaten

A busy party, my mother, her boyfriend, and me…everyone is having fun, drinking, laughing, and enjoying themselves. My mother and I lived with this boyfriend,...

Business As Usual

Well they're all past stories now! We've picked up the business as we used to, all thanks to you guys for being patient and caring throughout this period. Mostly all thanks to those that have been our strong bone all this while. Your contributions really elevated us. We've restructured the site like I updated in our recent posts. We've lost some of the contents that we had then due to some malfunctioned article (contaminated articles). Today, we tried to restore those articles but it made our server to get crashed again. Thanks to the technical crew that decided to not restore those files again! We don't want to make any further mistake and we've to move forward.