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Want to know, how successful People live their daily lives and the things that make them exceptional from others? Here is an info-graphic to help you become one.
Deep analytical observation about the myriads of challenges bedevilled humanity globally and locally simply revealed that the bunch of challenges facing the entire making can be traced to the dearth of good leadership  that believed in the sanctity of...
A key success habit of an effective leader is to plan their next day the night before. How can you succeed if you lack clarity on what it is you’re setting out to achieve on any given day? You may get certain things accomplished, but you will not be organized and may find yourself erroneously focusing on tasks or details that do not make a difference for your big picture. Planning your next day the night before, sets you up to start your day in an organized flow, allowing you to get more done in less time.
I encourage leaders to evaluate their self-acceptance with honest questions: Whose attention do you crave? Are you chasing the approval of friends, colleagues, and customers? What is it you don’t like about yourself, and how can that shortcoming also be a strength? Self-diagnosis can lead to self-discovery, which is the only path to authenticity.
The recent happenings and realities in the world is a confirmation and a pointer to the fact that humanity is still on a long walk to freedom from corruption, criminality, vices, oppression, tyranny, bullying, extremism, terrorism, despotism, nepotism and...
Leaders take the initiative if they see their boss needs extra help instead of waiting to be asked…they introduce themselves to a new employee and show them the ropes...heck, they will borrow some kids and teach them something. Being a good leader means being comfortable leading, so natural born leaders tend to do it whenever and wherever they can.
When it comes to building a business, whether you have employees or not, leadership is a quality that surfaces in every personal interaction. The overarching characteristic of a leader is that they are in complete control of themselves. They have the self-discipline, willpower, self-control and self-mastery needed to step forward to take command of any situation. To be an effective leader, there are seven principles you must incorporate into your leadership behavior and activities.
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