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My Wardrobe Message!

At a time, while I was busy looking for what to put on as I was about to dash out of the house. I kept searching for a  particular clothe to wear and in the midst of my tedious search, I realised that there are some cloth that I cannot really find them within a twinkling of an eye, while there are so many that I noticed that if I failed to wear them in a space of just two weeks,the odour oozing out seems to be quite unpleasant and it is stylishly telling me that I am chewing more than what I can swallow.

No Condition Is Parmanent

This is a common parlance and even a mantra in my part of the world that occupies many available spaces anywhere...

Just Be Patient

From experience, one can easily submit that life is designed to exist amidst torrential vicissitude and challenges.The turbulence of life makes many people to look like an outcast in the family and the society and those who are favoured to be successful at one point in time always believed and behave that others that are not successful are destined to be a failure.

7 Ways To Be Enthusiastic In Life

Keep foiling your passion depends on the right information you feed yourself with. Feed your mind with the right books, lectures, videos that are relevant to your future. An average entrepreneur reads 52 books in a year. Keep learning new things daily to improve your life for the better.

25 Ways To Learn Faster (Infographic)

Want to learn fast and increase your productivity? Here's an infographic to help you increase in knowledge and to...