My Marital Exhortation.

I wrote the original piece on the 1st of June 2016.It is exactly a year now and it is heavy in my mind that it will end up being a blessing and a source of encouragement to my readers. The conditions of life are not permanent and quite unstable.Life always...

Are You The Levite in The Parable of The Good Samaritan?

On my way to work early this morning, I boarded a bus—Danfo (yellow bus precisely) at a particular bus-stop in my vicinity called Omo-onile Bus-Stop.I kept to the right hand side of the last seat of the bus. At the point of my entrance into the bus, I met...

Breaking Up From The Chain Of Relationship

I bet you were thinking of the War song right? No. That's not this, old blood. The meaning of the title comes from a friend of mine. They told me "Talk about exes and how they can still be friends, even after a break up, I mean if they didn't...

12 Basic Necessities Of Living In The Supernatural!

No doubt about it,the supernatural supersedes the natural and its superiority over the natural can never be wave aside with a bare hand. The superiority of the supernatural over the natural is non-negotiable. The moment anyone leaves the natural and transcend into the realm of supernatural,the world with all the...

If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time

The sight of this little boy bothered me and I have a mix feeling of being jealous and nostalgic. Jealous in the sense that he is still young and he has ample opportunities to take the right steps. I felt nostalgic in the sense that  I wished to go back to the past to make necessary adjustments, amendments and corrections which is impossible to attain and achieve.

My Personal Appraisal

This is my recent experience about life and i am satisfied and fulfilled sharing it with you. Nobody should mortgage peace for any form of relationship. Peace of mind must be valued above any relationship, any relationship that disturb our peace of mind in any form should be trashed and destroyed.

10 Steps to Discovering Your Strenght In Life

The most important part of figuring out what you want or what you're worth is discovering our abilities What you know and who you are encompassed in the talents or gifts you possess. Here're 10 steps to discovering such strengths in life.

You Can, No Matter What

Do you ever go through such a hard time, and you just sit there trying to figure out what you’re gonna do next? you lay there, wondering, whether it’s the end. the end of it all. You feel like your whole world collapsed, exploded into a million shattered pieces,...

8 Steps to be a Creative Person

The ability to think about unique and original ideas or improvements in the existing ideas. Originality can be learned following a first come, first serve basis of answering to questions. For example, as soon as the question “How to use potatoes in cooking?” is asked, the facilitator should start taking questions immediately and keep telling that only 6 more unique answers will be accepted.

5 Reasons, Why You Need To Build Relationship In Your Business

We are all sensitive to the quality of our relationships with other people. We are primarily emotional and we make most of our decisions on the basis of how we feel inside. We may carefully consider all of the logical and practical reasons why or why not with regard to buying a product or service, but in the final analysis we tend to go with our gut feeling. We listen to our inner voices. We obey our hearts. We buy on the basis of how we feel about the relationship that we have with the other person. Where there is no relationship, there is no sale