Full Guide: How to Buy Romantic Gifts

When you are in love with someone, their pleasure and happiness is always on top of your mind. It is funny how a simple rose can put a wide smile on your woman’s lips. Or even a pair of red lingerie will boost her pleasure senses to please you more. Funny enough, this happens for […]

How To Be A Better Writer (Motivation when writing your next books)

1. Write often. This is one of the keys that keeps writers at the edge, by simply practicing writing often. Even if you don’t feel like writing, keep a journal. Related: How To Write Quality Blog 2. Create small writing goals. Set goals to keep you writing, you can set goals for yourself on daily basis. […]

Abandoned and Unwanted

At seven, I worried desperately about my mother due to our past experiences.  Whenever she left me at someone’s house, I never knew when she’d be back or what might happen to her without me there to protect her.  Sometimes she would come back the next day, sometimes a few days later, maybe a week, maybe longer…

10 Erogenous Zones You Never Considered

Wе all hаvе obvious places wе lіkе tо hаvе tоuсhеd and kissed when it comes tо ѕеxу tіmе. The lips, nесk, nipples аnd сlіtоrіѕ аrе all great рlасеѕ to hаvе саrеѕѕеd tо gеt уоu іn thе mооd. Certain bоdу раrtѕ саn brіng уоu tо сlіmаx аnd feel amazing, but whеn уоu ѕtаrt tоuсhіng аnd еxрlоrіng […]

The Marital Covenant.

Men are divinely destined and placed to be the pontiff and the protector of their family.As a man,you are losing your place of destiny, divinity, glory and enthronement when you are fond of and culpable of allowing a friend or a colleague whether male or female to have first hand information of what is obtainable within the confines of your matrimonial domain or space.

4 Tips To Create an Effective Profile For Your Mental Health Practice

Your online profile is a valuable marketing tool for your behavioral health practice. Keeping a balance between professionalism and accessibility is important in attracting potential customers. You want to communicate the obvious issues with your property. Do not forget to let your personality sparkle as well. This article has great tips on how to write […]

25 Powerful Quote That’ll Inspire Your Entrepreneurial Mind.

I was bored, so I decided to put the time into inspiring some people. After thinking for how to impact others, though I was lazy(lol), I came out with this quote right from on my bed! The quotes are as follows:

From Fight 2 Car Chase

Ben looks at me and seems to hear me, he walks back to his Jeep and drives away.  Mum listens for his engine to start and to drive away.  She thinks we’re safe now.  The Trans Am is buried in the dirt, where we turned into an area that wasn’t even really a road.  She tells me to calm down and that we will walk the five miles to my Aunts and stay there for the night. We gather what meagre belongings that we have in the car, and decide to head out. It is a long way and it is late at night.

Need Inspiration for Your Next Blog? Here Are 10 Blogging Ideas for Free

1. Create Series. Choose an idea like writing about new product or adoptive habit, or blog progression post and write about it once or twice a month. 2. Blog progression. Create something love that your subscribers will want to read in every week, month every four month (quarterly), every six months or even yearly. Whatever, […]

The First Time I Caught My Mother Beaten

A busy party, my mother, her boyfriend, and me…everyone is having fun, drinking, laughing, and enjoying themselves. My mother and I lived with this boyfriend, I’ll call him Ben, for two years.  Everything was so perfect.  He was good to us both, and everyone was happy…At least this one last time. During this party, I […]