10 People Leading the Cryptocurrency Industry Forward

If you had purchased $10,000 worth of bitcoin after its crash in 2011, it would be worth about $678 million as of June 2017. Though bitcoin’s value grew by about 1000% in 2017, it wasn’t even in the top 10 cryptocurrency performances last year. Ripple, for example, showed a gain in its value of 36,018%, […]

Global Cyber-Crime Economy Generates Over $1.5TN, According To New Study

New criminality platforms and a booming cyber-crime economy have resulted in $1.5 trillion in illicit profits being acquired, laundered, spent and reinvested by cyber-criminals, according to Bromium’s independent study that looked into the interconnected dynamics of cyber-crime. This is one of the first studies to view the dynamics of cyber-crime through the lens of revenue flow […]

Why Snowball, Why Now?

Investing in Cryptocurrency Some say that cryptocurrency is the most disruptive financial instrument to hit the capital markets in the last decade. Not since the mortgage-backed securities derivatives of a decade ago has anything caused so much conversation, controversy, and hype, or created so many financial winners and losers. Despite the latest downturn, many savvy […]

5 Proven Ultimate Habits That Will Make You Successful Entrepreneur

1. Visualise your goals. Visualization is a habit that helps you to draw pictures of achievement that will occur as though they have already. The entrepreneur, I’m today was a product of the things I projected in my mind during my teenage age without the necessary knowledge skills. It has helped me for few years […]

SMEs: Don’t Simply Wait For A Security Compromise

Small or medium-sized business (SMEs) have come to be a smooth, moneymaking and increasing goal for cyber attackers SMEs: Don’t simply await a protection compromise From the 2017 Ponemon Institute Study, more than 61% of SMEs were breached within the ultimate 12 months as opposed to fifty-five% in 2016. Even even though many SMEs are […]

The Thrilling Effect of AI on Everyday Life

As such, I am privy to an incredible range of AI based applications and solutions that are coming down the line, and I am always surprised at the pace of change in the industry. With every change, we need to take a few steps back and rethink how to frame the state of the art […]

How to Put Into Action Artificial Intelligence into Your Business

The organization need to decide if the technology is right for their business before implementing the artificial intelligence for their business module. Organisations can’t be compelled into the fact that AI has gone mainstream. It is already present in people’s smartphones, internet smart engines, connected homes and a range of solutions. Companies must need to identify […]

The Future of On-Demand Lies In The Cloud

In recent years, we have seen many developments and transformations in Cloud Solutions which are changing how TV and broadcast work, both on screen and behind the scenes. The cloud is used in content delivery and consumption, and also content discovery – enabling people to find content they want to. Cloud in content delivery and consumption The […]

Everything a Business Needs To Know About Running A Successful Initial Coin Offering

1. What are ICOs, and why should businesses consider running an ICO? Initial coin offerings (ICOs) is an emerging way for primarily blockchain startups, but also existing businesses, to raise funds for projects. In the ICO, tokens on a blockchain are sold to investors. While there are different forms of tokens, we only deal with […]