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Control Your Thoughts, Control Your Life

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I have been researching on this topic in personal development, since I have been in my teenage and today, I’ve finally come up with the real concept of the ‘mind’. In personal study, the bible, each time I study the Bible and find out the scripture that says, “the wages of sin death” i.e the “wages of sin is death” that’s a familiar scripture for the Christians that most people know on hand. I didn’t actually know the concept of that scripture but I learnt it the hard way thought!

Two main things are constant in life, which I call them the movement of life

“either you move forward or backward”.

With this concept I wan to describe what it means ‘sin=death’!  For instance, let’s think about when growing up in life especially in high school, when we don’t study, many of us expect to have to a miraculous grades which never came to pass. Most of the times, we don’t pass a  particular class/year except when we actually study our books, then we have ideas to take us to the next class necessary.

Just like the class sine-roe, so is your mind, when the universal law is broken, which is the law of


that, we die. What that actually means is that “we move backward in life” than moving forward, we live in a circle, where we think we’ve taken the step to be successful in life, we’re still found in that same situations in the next minutes. Life become circular movement turning over to the place we left at first!

This took me to another search for the question of

”how do we leave that circle?”

how do we make our lives move forward instead of backwardness? The answer to these question is “Control your thoughts, control your life”! No wonder the Bible say in the book of proverbs,

“my son, give me your heart”

Because, when God controls your heart, He controls your life. Note: In your heart, is where all thoughts comes from and your actions are depended on your thoughts. God can’t control your heart, which is the place of your thoughts manifests and you stay a failure in life! If that happens, there isn’t essence of creating you at first!

That’s why He also says in the scriptures, that “the thoughts, He has towards you aren’t of evil but to give you an expected end.  Ends of fulfillment, ends of achievement.

Now, how do you control your thoughts, the best way to  control your thought is to seek guidance and help from the one, who made it, at the first place! ‘God’. Get to know Him, He’s a father that wants to have fulfillment in the lives of His Kids. He loves you, let Him control your thoughts and control your mind!




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