Dear hard work, thank you!

Thank you for coming into my life,

Thank you for being patient with me.


I’m sorry for running away from you at first,

when you called my name.

I heard you, loud and clear at first.

But I was scared and refused to harken to you.


When you tried to adopt me,

I thought you’re another burden to my life.

I wish I listened at the first calling,

I wouldn’t have pass through the road that profited me nothing.

Thank you, for smiling at me, when I run to you!


Dear hard work,

Thank you for coming into my life!

Now, I realise the importance of you,

in my life.

You’re a lifetime friend that I can trust and wouldn’t fail me.

When I need someone.


Dear hard work,

There’s one thing I will love to ask from you!

Please, don’t leave me to be myself.

Teach me your ways, your patterns.

Make my life more harder, when it’s necessary.

Thank you hard work! I love you.




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