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It’s hard to build a business especially when it has to do with scaling your brand in the present day internet communities.

You, as an entrepreneur, blogger, digital marketer. it’s terrible looking for tools to grow your business. We all have been there, so I have compiled some free and premium tools, I have used, tested and the same tools that will help you grow your business grow!

Cloud File Storage

Google offers a cloud storage service, store your files in the cloud for easy download anytime, anywhere, and any device. It’s a resources known as Google Drive, you can get up to 15GB for free, but that includes your Gmail archives as well. Files can be stored and shared with others for collaboration for free. Express Impacts use Google Docs everyday to share files and track project just like big brands like Foundr in the cloud.

Pricing: Free with the first 15GB

Visit Google Drive

This is another excellent tool when it comes to cloud file storage. In storing and sharing information, it’s a right choice to choose this tool. It acts as a cloud back-up and can be used to share files and sync. data with others.

Pricing: Free with first 2GB, then starts at $10.99/mnt.

Visit Dropbox


Email List

Aweber is the most internet powerful email opt-in service and email marketing/broadcasting tool you need. This is one of the best email marketing tool around and most successful email marketers had utilised it. It’s simple to use and extremely powerful! This is tool that big brands like Foundr, Express Impacts and others use to build their email list and newsletters. This tool had been around for many years and they perfectly know what they are doing. We highly recommend this service!

Pricing: Based on the size of your mailing list, but starts at $19 a month.


As entrepreneurs dealing with internet especially bloggers, digital maketers, etc. You know there’s nothing as important as building email llist. So, I must introduce you to one of the best email service providers, if not the best! This is what we use here at Express Impacts Magazine, to build our email list, we have come to  see, this tool is reliable and for that, we highly recommend it to you. It has a super easy to use interface, great analytics, and is 100 percent reliable. If you aren’t building an email list, your work is being in vein. I know that for sure because it took us over a year to figure out how email list, is so important. We don’t want you to experience the same mistake.

Pricing: Based on the size of your mailing list. Free for up to 2000 email subscribers, then starts at $30/mnt.

Visit Mailchimp

This is another powerful tool for managing your online business. You tract interactions with your online customers and visitors, build automations around events and sell your products or services. Without tool like Ontraport (previously known as office Autopilot.) It’s difficult to keep track of important details and automate the sales and marketing process you need. If you’re a high level email marketer, this is a great tool, well recommended because of the level of marketing and automation process. We do not currently use it, but we plan to soon, as we grow older for Express Impacts, as it comes to highly recommended for mostly of our friends!

Pricing: Based on the size of your mailing list.

Visit Ontaport

Automated user triggered campaigns, this tool is pretty cool! It helps you send highly target emails based on customer behaviour. You can detect that your ideal customers stated going through the signup process to buy your service or product and left without purchase. This tool start sending emails every few hours or days, after they leave your site to get them come back. You don’t actually need t know any code, so you can set this up with just a few clicks. You can of course A/B test your emails are giving you great  performance!

Pricing: There is a free 14 day trial period, to see the goodness of this tool and plans starts at $99/mnt payments.

Visit Vero

Express Impacts | Express Impacts

If you want to improve your sales with email marketing, you definitely need this tool. You can easily manage your emails, contacts, schedule your tasks, track your marketing and sales history, and a lot more! This software is next level marketing, an automation and used by many advance marketers and the big boys! (Big companies)

Pricing: Ranges from $199 – $379 per month

Visit Infusionsoft


Gmail Tools

When it comes to Gmail tools, Boomerang is one of the powerful tool that worth your consideration. It schedules your emails and send you reminder notices. We’re a massive fan of this little plugin which is a MASSIVE time saver.

Pricing: Free on the basic plan and paid plans stat at $4.99/month, all the way up to $49.99

Visit  Boomerang


Growth Hacking

In the world of content creation and creating engagement with your visitor and readers, Headline is King. This plugin is the perfect fit for projects like that. This is an A/B test for article’ tittles – This WordPress plugin is the bomb! You might have been wondering how your website or blog will be like the big boys in town. Sites like Huffington & Bussfeed. These sites tests their articles tittles and this is what Express Impacts use as well. The beautiful fact of this amazing plugin is that, it automatically choose headlines that has high engagement and draws lots of traffic to your website.

Pricing: $99 for life up to 50k visitors to $499/month for up to 500k visitors.

Visit King Sumo Headlines

Insight Surveys – Qualaroo is a branched of Sean Ellis the guy who defined the term “growth hacking” The way they describe what they do is “Analytics tell youwhat people are doing on your website. Qualaroo tells you why! It’s a great tool for asking your visitors insightful questions right at the specific time, they are performing a specific action on your website. You can ask questions such as “what’s preventing you from starting a trial or purchasing with a few radio button, choices underneath what this does really help you learn about your customers, so you can fine tune your site for much better conversion. It’s the smart way to do A/B testing. This is a tool we use for Express Impacts and we HIGHLY recommend it!

Pricing: Starts at $63/month and goes up to $499/month.

Visit Qualaroo

Optimizely is the big Boss of A/B testing for your website. Their tagline is “AB testing which you’ll actually use” and it is so true! Theses guys are the one pioneered creating the most beautiful and easy to use, user interface to perform A/B testing for your website. This tool is insanely easy to use, you can test multiple versions of your homepage or landing pages. They have an incredible support staff and a wealth of information on their blogs about the best practices. If you are in need of A/B testing, they’re it, you can forget anyone else. This is definitely powerful weapon to have in your toolkit for conversions on your website.

Pricing: Based on your traffic, starts at $17/month and goes up to $539/month.

Visit Optimizely

Have an App on the Google PlayStore or App Store? Splitmetics will help you optimize downloads by allowing you to A/B test screenshot, Icons and your descriptions.

Pricing: Free

Visit Splitmetrics

Giveaways have been the cost-effective method AppSumo has used to grow a list of 700,000 email subscribers. They figured it was time to give you the technology they’ve spent 1 year perfecting. Another Epic growth hacking tool that Express Impacts uses and we highly recommend it!

Pricing: Starts at $198 for once license and goes up to $594

Visit Kingsumo

Sumo is a supercool WordPress plugin by Noah Kogan. List builder is probably the most popular of all the tools in the bundle, it lets you convert those one time visitors into lifelong readers and newsletters subscribers, A lightbox  pop over which is customizable automatically pops up after a certain amount of time or you can use smart mode to pop-up before your subscribers.

Pricing: Free

Visit Sumo List builder

Similar tool to list builder, scroll box lets you up a message asking your blog readers for an email address when they are nearly done enjoying your content. It’s really a nice subtle little pop-up and it’s fully customizable enables you to ask for emails at a whichever way percentage someone scrolls down your page.

Pricing: Free

Visit Scrollbox

This is a nice simple little WordPress plugin that simply places a bar with a message or a call to action up on the top of your site which never goes away. The tool allows you to setup an email collection or a redirect depending on what you’d like to do. If you want the pro version you can do fancy stuff such as A/B testing. Great tool.

Pricing: Free unless you want the PRO plan which is $4.95/mo.

Visit Hello Bar

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OptinMonster Converts Visitors into Subscribers & Customers. The A/B testing for this tool is extremely awesome, and if you want to take your list building up a level on your website, we HIGHLY recommend this software. OptinMonster enables you to create professionally designed opt-in forms without writing a single line of code in 60 seconds flat.

Pricing: Start’s at $49 and goes all the way up to $349.

Visit Optin Monster

This is a content marketers dream tool! Enter any term into it’s search and the tool spits out the most shared articles on social media on the topic you entered. This is an extremely useful tool if you wish to get ideas for what articles to write that resonated really well with your competitors. You can also reach out to the people who have written these articles to see if you can post a guest article on their blog since you know it has received a lot of traction. You can sort of infographics, videos, giveaways, and guest posts as well. This is another very powerful tool in your content marketing toolkit!

Pricing: Free for a single user and goes all the way up to $499+ /mo.

Visit Buzz Sumo

This is the grand-daddy of any marketing and growth hacking tools. If you are not using this you should, everyone should. While Google Analytics gives you great info about traffic coming to your website KISS metrics tells you what happens to this traffic once they reach your site. It basically helps you fine-tune your conversion by analysing what happens to customers who reached your website.

Pricing: Starts at $150/mo and goes up to $500/mo.

Visit Kiss Metrics

  • Inspectlet

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Inspectlet records videos of your visitors as they use your site, allowing you to see everything they do. See every mouse movement, scroll, click, and keypress on your website. We use this tool on the Foundr website and comes highly recommended by us!

Pricing: Free and goes up to $299/mo.

Visit Inspectlet

Keywords / SEO

The number one tool for keyword research available, hands down. We have used this extensively for Foundr, and other websites. If you want to rank for certain keywords and increase getting your website found, we HIGHLY recommend using this service!

Pricing: $97.

Visit Market Samurai

Landing Pages

We cannot speak highly enough of Lead Pages and use them for so many things.
From opt-in pages to “coming soon” pages, webinar registration pages to surveys, thank you pages to waiting lists, our business took a serious step up the minute we incorporated this software into our lives.
Not only are the templates oh-so-easy to customize, but Lead Pages are designed (and tested over and over) to convert viewers into hardcore leads, easily and effortlessly. They can also be used with WordPress AND non-WordPress websites.
This is a product that Express Impacts uses and we HIGHLY recommend it!

Pricing: Starts at $37 /mo and goes up to $97 /mo.

Visit Leadpages

Social Media

Buffer helps you manage multiple social media accounts at once. Quickly schedule content from anywhere on the web, collaborate with team members, and analyse rich statistics on how your posts perform.
We’ve been using Buffer for the last year to share content on Twitter, Facebook, G+ & LinkedIn throughout the week and think it’s pretty awesome. It lets us share our useful content without bombing our feeds all at once.

Pricing: Free for up to 10 posts then $10 a month.

Visit Buffer

Having a hard time keeping track and updating your Social Media accounts? HootSuite manages it all for you. Post to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, simultaneously or individually, at the time you schedule. It allows you to plan ahead of time.

Pricing: Free with plans up to $10 /mo.

Visit Hootsuite

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Clicktotweet is the best, easiest and simplest way to promote and advertise your blog, website, business and stuff on Twitter. Create fast tweet about this links to any website.
As an entrepreneur, you will have to become very good at promoting your content. ClicktoTweet allows you to do this with little stress and time involved. Write the tweet you want to share and this link generator will generate a custom shortened link. Helping to generate more exposure, it gives readers the opportunity to share with just one click.

Pricing: Free.

Visit Clicktotweet

Bitly is a URL shortening service, which also allows you track metrics on the links. We use at Foundr to measure effectiveness of certain campaigns!

Pricing: Free.

Visit Bitly

Jooicer is nifty little tool we just recently started playing around with, it lets you automate your social media strategy for Twitter by creating ‘custom recipes’. You choose which actions you want to automate, for example: unfollow non followers in 7 day, follow everyone with this hashtag in their bio, etc. You can compose reports and analyze the results. It’s pretty straight forward. Recipes can be shared with others and you use theirs as well. Here are just some recipes you can create with the service. It’s pretty awesome!

Pricing: Free for now.

Visit Jooicer

Blog2Social is a WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically share your blog posts on your social media profiles, pages and groups, fully customized and scheduled for each network. Customize your post for each network by adding individual comments and hashtags. Schedule your posts for the best times to post on each network. Save time and increase your outreach. Blog2Social is free.

Pricing: Free and Premium from £69 – £199 per year.

Visit Blog2Social


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We truly appreciate your support if you do choose to buy through our affiliate links we are happy to answer any questions you may have! Please understand that we have experience with all of these companies, and we recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions we make if you decide to buy something.