We know you may possibly have questions, so kindly go through our FAQs ( Frequency Asked Questions Page). Hopefully you will be able to find answers to whatever questions you may have for us.

1. Is there a login button to the site?

Yes, of course, there is! For those of you, using a desktop or laptop, kindly look to the top right corner of any page or post you visit in order to locate the login button. While for our mobile users, kindly look to the top left to locate the login button. Ensure to sign up or log in while on the site in order to have the complete experience.

For those who wish to login with their social media profile, we’ve also included that functionality to help you register/login easily, via a custom page and via the comment on every posts.

2. How do I submit my articles on the website?

Well it is quite simple, just ensure you are logged in when you are on the Express Impacts’ page or post. Being logged in, you will easily be able to locate the top panel which has a plus sign that enables you to be able to add any article, posts of any kind, topic or even book. However, if you prefer to use the submission process, kindly locate the submission page at the top menu of the Express Impact web site. Which ever process you prefer, kindly ensure to submit or add all your creative content on our website.

3. Is there a limit on the number of articles I can write?

No there isn’t! There is no limit and there will never be a limit on the number of articles you can write on our website. On the Express Impacts platform, you are free to constantly deliver creative content as much as you want. We do not believe is limiting creativity.

4. Why can’t I directly post my articles on the Express Impacts’ platform after I write them?

Well, for writers who are relatively new to the Express Impacts’ team, you will not initially be able to directly post your articles when you are done writing them cause they will be cross checked by the Express Impacts’ team. This restriction is not the limit your abilities but to help you learn and understand how we write our stories here before we can give you the privilege to do so yourself.

5. As a team member of the Express Impacts’ publishing media, do I have a certain amount each day, week, month or year to be able to contribute on the platform?

No! There is no such thing here with us. With us here at Express Impact, you are not obligated or required in any way and form to submit a certain number of articles, stories, posts or books at any given time. If you want to submit ten this week, that’s fine by us, you want to submit just one or you don’t even want to submit anything at all for the next one year, that still very much fine by us.

As long as you wish to submit, we are here to publish your work for you. That is what makes us different from the many other publishing media companies who tend to require their members to submit certain amount of contents to be published on their platform. With us here at Impact Express, whenever you are ready, we will be ready too.

6. How long does it take for my article(s) to get published on the Express Impacts platform?

Due to the vast amount of readers and writer, and also the high demand to write for the Express Impacts, it would only take about 2+ weeks to get your article/s published.

7. Can I write about product reviews, book reviews, or reviews on anything else?

Yes, you can! You can write on anything, you can review on anything you wish as long as it has positivity in the message you are trying to put out. However, you are not permitted to mention any brand or name.

8. If I signed up to write articles for the Express Impact team, will I still reserve the right to own them?

Yes of course! Unlike some other media publishing companies, the Express Impacts does not take away the rights of our writers to own their content. They create, we simply just publish.

9. Can I post my articles that I’ve written for the Express Impacts on my blog/website too?

Yes you can! We don’t control what you can or ca not list on your own personal blog/website. We just control what we can and cannot be published on ours.

10. Can I guest write for the Express Impacts?

Sorry, no you can’t. (at least not yet)

For those of you who still have questions or didn’t find what you were looking for, just throw us an email, and we’ll be glad to answer you, as soon as we can!