Some people are entrepreneurs because they always have been They started out running tiny businesses when they were very young and just learned to do it. Other people started business because they didn’t have choice Maybe they were laid off or they hard to change where they lived Or maybe they were forced by circumstances to start their own business Others have a passion about an idea or a vision that they want to start. I would imagine that many entrepreneurs start a business out of some kind deep yearning to do it; they have great desire, but it’s really driven by a sense that it was that they were made to do.

This article is for people who have a feeling they were meant to be entrepreneurs but don’t know how to put their desire into action. They don’t know to get things started. And when I say “get started,” I’m not necessarily talking about developing a business plan or even coming up with a business idea, which in many cases comes after the yearning but before a real resolve germinates. I meet a lot of people who have deep desire to do something different, but they aren’t what it is.

The very first step in the journey is probably learning a bit about entrepreneurship through entrepreneurs Good books or articles on entrepreneurs can give you a glimpse into what it’s like to live in that part of the business world.


Another method to get a glimpse into this world is to work for an entrepreneur and sample the lifestyle — while getting paid. This has an additional benefit in that you can learn the right and wrong way to do things in entrepreneurship

Another starting point would be to try to think about what you are good at and what comes easily to you. The things that come easily to you are usually the things that you enjoy. Think about the things you like about the you do. For example, you may not be an accountant, but you may be good and enjoy working with numbers. Are there activities you enjoy that could be applied to different fields? Writing, debating, etc.?

Try something — anything — where you can learn about entrepreneurship. You’d be surprised how much you will learn from even the very first venture that you start. Start something, now! It might be a low capital business, just start Don’t wait to get big amount to start that business!



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