Developing the mind is an exercise, that individuals ought to be deliberately working on a daily basis, somehow, occasionally. Just like physically exercising yourself, so likewise, the mind needs to be exercised and developed by you! No one can excerpt you. To help you develop such mindset for flexibility, that will lead to better problem-solving, enhancement of creativity and less suffering after setbacks.

Here are 4 ways, I will recommend to many others.

1. Develop a close-mindedness.

There are two mindsets, the first is the mindset, that’s narrow and insecure, that can’t produce results in their lives and failure becomes the order of the day. People with this type of mindset, always feel insecure, threatened by others’ successes. But the other type of mindset which is the opposite of the former and the mindset is associated with flexibility, growth, creativity and the people with this kind of mindset believe they can enhance their skills with hard-work and persistence. To grow personally, socially and even in everything else that’s connected to your being. You’ve to deliberately develop your mind to think, work, bring-close-mindedness into your life.


2. Beat defensiveness.

There are times we think negativity in our mind, times we feel like giving excuses, justifying our actions, which are normal but you won’t grow, become that person you want to be or running that business you want if you constantly behave these ways e.g giving excuses for not doing what you ought to do. To make what goals, you set yourself for, you’ve to deliberately beat that defensiveness, you may need to expand your mindset. Notice your thoughts and words, deliberately beat out any defensive language, that comes around you!

3. Switch to focus instead on characteristics.

If you have a fixed mindset, you may perceive being smart or creative as a characteristic that you either have or have not. This can damage your self-esteem and cause you to shy away from challenges. Adapt to a growth mindset by switching your focus to effort instead of stoic characteristics.

4. Learn how to deal with criticism.

Your fixed mindset voice might signal you to ignore or defend yourself against criticism. However, a flexible mindset voice knows that you need feedback, both positive and negative to grow. Actively seek opportunities to improve in yourself by getting feedback from others!



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