Re-sacking my time and duties does not seem pleasant to me but for a special occasion. Out of all the things I needed to do for a time like this, your thoughts came to my mind. Mum we might have had our differences, well I believe it’s normal but other times, we’re best of friends and those times I cherish in my heart on daily bases.

Having a mother that’s gone through all the ticks and thins of life, worth eternity celebration than just a day like today. The world might not seem how each mum are special individually, but each children know how their mums are special personally. To my mum… you’re the very best thing that’s happened to me and I’ll forever be grateful for that.

To all the mums in the world, I wanna say “THANK YOU” for bearing through the pains for 9 months and today, the world is full of Giants, who came from you as toddlers and sucklings. Today they are making differences in their world. Off-course (lol) I’m one of them anyway! I believe you, it isn’t easy…

Mothers, I thank you all for everything you have done for your kids, though sometimes we’re at your nerves but still, you cares. Sometimes, we wanna be far away searching for freedom from parental control in our teenage, but you never give up for the love you have. Many at times we love clubbing on Fridays and come home the next day sleeping with, our party clothes. You still come to pull those stuffs from us, while asleep to help sleep peaceably.

Among all the friends, we decide to get in every stage of our life, you’re still the one true friend that’s always there for a long time! What a gift? Thank you for being there all the time in every situations, and I pray God Keeps you to enjoy the fruit of your Labor…

Happy Mothers’ Day

P.S – This is specially dedicated to my mum and every other mothers in the world today – Happy Mothers’ Day 2018.

Published by Edas Aigbe

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