Hiding In The Weeds, Will He Find Us Tonight?


It’s a dark and quiet night, so we need to be extra quiet…

Ben and Mom are fighting again, but this time we got away and to my Aunt’s house so we could hide, but he came for us.  Mum knew when she heard him pull into the drive, so we snuck out the back door.

We hear him questioning Aunt Wilma, “has she seen us, has she heard from us, isn’t that her car out front”.  He knows we are here.  We need to quietly sneak away before he hears or sees us, and comes after her with fists flying.


Luckily the weeds past the next door neighbour’s house are tall, so we are hunkered down in those weeds praying that he doesn’t find us…It’s cold, it’s late, and I am tired.  I am only eight-years-old.

We hear him come out, he starts looking around.  Again, he knows the car is there.  He looks our direction…did I make a noise???  He starts walking towards us.  Oh no, what now?

We shuffle.  He starts to run towards us, so Mom yells “run”.  We do.  We run and run, but he eventually catches us…he always does.

So we head back to the house, his house, what will happen next?  I guess only time will tell…

Please read the next part of my story at Link


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