Want to know how to take charge of your days as a Billionaire? Even if you aren’t one, but you can start develop a mind-set that will take you to a Billionaire Status. Like the popular saying

As a man thinks, so is he

Billionaires aren’t made, they came to this world just like you and I. The only difference is, they know how to play their games and affect the world in their own terms.

Everyone is born with the same, one life to live, same kind of growth stages, opportunities just like them, known to be the Billionaires. To start developing such kind of lifestyle for yourself, here are 7 well-known Billionaire’s lifestyle that can help you get to your dream, or what you want out of Life.


Elon Musk

Make the world better for others – If you’re creating value, then people are willing to pay for it. Think of the world after you die… what’s you legacy.

Tim Ferriss

Be unapologetic about who you are – You’re the best version of yourself in the whole-wide-world. Be proud of it and cultivate your own values.

Travis Kalanic

Don’t settle for status quo – Tweak things until you disrupt the status quo. It’s exactly what this Uber CEO did to the transportation industry.

Mark Zuckerberg

Become the Queen Bee – If you’re the channel through which people reach out to each other, then they will be willing to pay you for the use of your channel.

Mark Cuban

Mitigate your risks – Always look for ways to reduce the possibilities of losing everything.

Nick Woodman

Build your business around what you love – Following your passion make sure that you have the drive to keep going even when things get difficult. In short, share your passion with others, and while at it, make some money out of it.

Sir Richard Branson.

Work hard, play hard – He works Very hard, but after work, he goes bungee jumping and gets hot air balloon ride in the African jungles. In short, enjoy what life brings forth.



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