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How to Champion a Vision.

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Hey, before  we talk about the ways, strategies or steps to champion a Vision. Let’s quickly talk about what a vision is.

What is a vision?

A vision in the business industry is known as the ability to see, think and plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

As an entrepreneur, business owner, bear in mind that it’s one thing, to have a vision and it’s another thing to champion such vision, you’ve already gotten through your imaginations and thoughts. That’s where a vision statement is born. Without a vision statement, you’ve already failed even before you take a step to entrepreneurship, just like a sheep without a shepherd, where do you expect them to go?

What does vision statement do?

A vision statement describes what your company’s future will look like. It’s forward-looking picture, that shows people what should happen in the future. It sets the direction, the company is heading to, sets out its strengths and differentiate itself from its competitors and it also defines the essence of the company through its purpose and values.

Just like a ship with proper navigating support, that has a captain to direct and control the ship to its destination, so is the CEO of the business, who is able to direct his/her business to success with a vision statement.

An individual without a vision will drift from day-to-day and function with a weaker sense of self-discipline and direction in terms of what they want out of their life. This explains why, we as captains, executives, entrepreneurs, can have a sense of feeling lost, trapped in the rut of monotonous stages and eventually getting burned out.

The fact remains that, we have a way out and can live with a more defined sense, of who we are, what we want, what we do and live the kind of lifestyle that we desire to live. Likewise, a vision statement helps build a company,  an individual, to put us back in the driver seat of our own destiny and control our life towards our future.

Things to consider in your vision statement.

To have a well-defined vision statement, there are three necessary things, you must know:

1. What do we do?

This is a question, every entrepreneur should have answered or aspiring entrepreneur is able to make sure further fellowship with their customer is able to answer to further fellowship with their customer and services they rendered. Customer buy products for different reasons. To get the perfect prospect in your business, you must be able to define what you do, to build a successful brand and niche in your industry.

2. How do you do, what you do?

This is a question, that will help you to get the right mindset towards your success in business or what services you’re rendering. It’ll help you to the best technical skills. Your answer should go beyond the physical product or services and how it’s sold and delivered to your prospected customers.

3. For whom do we do it?

This is the most vital aspect of your vision statement. In this aspect, you must have a pictorial imagination of customers. This will enlighten your marketing ability and give you insight about your customers, audience and know how to give your product or services to them out there.

Conclusively, with a mission statement, most businesses will have multiple customer groups that by for a different reason. Remember that your vision and mission statements are to help guide the business, not to lock up in a particular path.




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