It’s one thing to have an idea and it’s another thing to make it reality or bring it to real life situation. From idealist or thought world, to realistic or physical world, there’s a process. Many have ideas in their heart and few actually bring them to existence which is the reality through innovation.

Those who have ideas in their heart and refuses to make to make it real in the realistic world, before executing have a wrong mindset of success. They are always hopeful and have a believe that they are successful only by having an idea in their mind and they keep going here and there looking for who to help them, without taking the next steps needed to bring their idea into reality.

Don’t be in a haste to bring an idea into reality without some certain steps taken like planning, strategizing and executing measures that will necessitate you to innovate something into the realm of reality.

Here’re some tips that will help you with your fresh idea to be realistic.

1. Write down the Vision.

The vision defines clearly, what you want to do. It gives identification to the ideas.

2. Write down the plan.

This will help you to define and strategies the way, the idea will work. It gives clarification to the idea.

3. Write down the budget.

This will help you define the needs, to accomplish the idea in your heart. It’s the implication of the idea.

4. Write the projections.

The projection defines the benefits for all participants. It provides motivation to the contributors.

5. Write the proposal.

It defines how easy it will be for others to participate. It gives invitation.

6. Write down the strategy.

It shows you how, you’ll go about convincing others to participate. It gives convictions.

I hope, this will motivate you to carry out what’s in your heart.


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Great post. I am a huge dreamer and definitely want to start making some of my many ideas a reality this year.

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That’s great

Unhidden America

I love it!

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