Many online ventures lack the necessary capital to invest what is necessary in advertising, so to achieve the greatest amount of traffic generated free of charge becomes paramount for its creators in terms of growth; this is why this time we want to point out 5 ways to get traffic laps in a way that would not cost a penny to anyone who proposes and needs it.


We all have the certain fact that paying for advertising that can be obtained on the internet is one of the most effective methods when it comes to growing within the web and making the services or products we offer known among the masses.

Even though this is much simpler and really fast; There are other ways to reach the peak of traffic without the need to invest a single penny in Internet advertising.


Next we will show you 5 methods by means of which you can get traffic returns without having to spend a single tenth of your assets.

1. Pages and groups on Facebook

Many recognize Facebook as one of the largest social networks worldwide; This is a space in which a lot of people dedicate their days to share with their friends and acquaintances personal information, social interest and some humor notes. There are other people who see beyond these things and take advantage of this platform in the best way depending on your business or personal growth.

2. Facebook is a window to let you know!

By joining groups and pages you have the opportunity to share content in them, through comments and making publications; This way your content will be exposed to the view of all subscribed followers and therefore your page will begin to receive visits gradually.

3. Have you heard about YAHOO ANSWERS?

We know that your answer is a resounding yes and we say to you then, do you see it as an effective advice? This platform has so many visits worldwide that it would be unlikely that someone does not know it; the idea to increase visits to your website by taking advantage of the traffic that YAHOO has is searching the platform for all those questions that are directly related to the niche you work with and giving answers to those questions, followed by the respective link that takes them to your website where you will get more information about it. This is a very effective way to get visitors and as everyone in this post Totally Free! Ingenious, right?

4. Listen to the bird TWITTER

If you know Twitter you know that everything there is affinity, people follow those accounts with which they have some kind of relationship whether it is a unidirectional or bidirectional relationship.

To get traffic via Twitter, the strategy is; follow as many accounts are related to our niche as necessary, and after that try to follow at least 10 accounts that follow those other accounts daily.

In this way your content will begin to spread to the sight of thousands and thousands of other people with each day that passes; You also have the option that you can link your Twitter account with the Facebook account and you can save time by publishing any content, since everything you post on the Facebook page will appear immediately on Twitter and vice versa.

5. Use YouTube

YouTube is one of the webs with the most traffic thanks to the amount of content that is shared there, all you have to do is register a user and you can start enjoying the benefits of having an account on YouTube.

In your channel you can publish as much content as you like, and the more content you post, the more likely you are to have visits and it’s only a matter of time. The content you can get in Google and publish it transformed into a video, this method is so simple that you have no excuse to grow.

Get content related to your niche and repeat the procedure that you would apply on Facebook, leave a link so that people can find your channel and you will see how little by little the traffic on your site will increase.

6. Start a Blog

This method is one of the oldest and most popular; The use of blog as an advertising strategy is so classic that anyone knows about this useful tool, but there are those who ignored it until now.

Make use of a blog to get traffic is one of the alternative tools that will help you gain popularity on the web, the only thing you must know for sure are the SEO and SEM management strategies to achieve position in the online search engines .



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