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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

How To Manage Your Mind Like A Boss.

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My confidence came from my vision. Because I’m always a big believer that if you have a very clear vision of where you wanna go, then the rest of it it’s much easier, because you know always why you’re training five hours a day, you’ll always know why you’re pushing and going through the pain barrier, and why do you have to eat more, and why do you have to struggle more, why do you have to be more disciplined. And all of those things become much more clear. It’s not like: — Oh my god! I have to do another two hundred sit-ups, it’s more kinda like: — I can’t wait to do another two hundred sit-ups, because that will get me one step closer to have the abs that I need to win that Mr. Universe. That’s my goal. I see myself on that stage, winning the competition, I see myself very clearly getting the trophy, standing there with the trophy, raising it above my head and having hundreds of bodybuilders around me, kind of bellow me on stage, looking up and idolising me, including the thousands of people that are watching the event. So that was always my clear vision, and that always inspired me to go all out[…]. There was this will there, that no matter what it takes, even if I had to crown to Germany, I would be there at that event, because that was my shot […] and I felt that I could win it, and that’s what I was there for: I wasn’t there to compete, I was there to win.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger




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You just need to see that you are a human being. You are capable of so many things you don't even realise. It is not the goal you work for, to live life in peace, to enjoy. It is the journey. What life is left to enjoy after you have spent it all on working? On doing something, tricked into believing it will grant you joy. You are a being of an infinite power, you just have to realise that.