Entrepreneurship today may seem somewhat difficult for some, especially the rise of companies and independent workers who want to emerge and that exists today, this added to the huge amount of media and tools that exist to promote a brand or product, which generates in many people a kind of information overload making them a little more misplaced than they should be, today we will explore one of these virtual media, the famous Instagram.


We all know Instagram, or at least we have heard about this social network where the main thing is the photos and images, this medium currently enjoys a huge popularity, so it is emerging as an excellent medium for those seeking to improve their sales or promote a brand of products, because the 150 million users that have this social network does not go unnoticed.

Instagram has been presenting for a long time a great success in terms of the promotion of brands, even over other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and others, and some may wonder what makes this network so special and successful in this area, question that is answered alone when looking at the main feature of this medium, which is the great importance that is given to the images.


The huge visual weight that Instagram gives to its format makes it ideal for those who want to promote a brand or a product, especially those whose main attraction is the image, that is why many have decided to enter this network to increase their sales However, it is necessary to take into account some important factors when carrying out these promotions so that they can have the success we expect.

Think very well how to build your profile

Keep in mind that if you are looking to promote a brand or product this will not be a personal profile, so it is necessary that you set certain criteria, such as not posting publications or personal opinions on issues that have nothing to do with the brand or product that you are promoting, to be more clear, the profile of your business must be completely separate from your personal profile, they are different accounts.

Another element to consider regarding this point is the photo of the profile, which, preferably, should be the logo or an image that identifies the company or brand as such; It is convenient that this photo is the same one that you use in all the social networks that you use to promote your brand, so you will create a unit in terms of promotion networks.

In the same way, regarding your profile, it is necessary that in the biography that heads the account you can place a brief text that describes as clear as possible to your brand, what kind of products it promotes and that type of information; A good recommendation is to use a hashtag in order to encourage the interaction of the audience, this will be used each time you make a publication with a link that redirects people to the account in question or the page through the which sales are made.

Use the hashtags intelligently and effectively

Hashtags are very useful in locating publications, they make it very easy for Instagram users to get publications related to certain topics, which is why it is recommended to use a “basic hashtag” which is recommended in the previous point, combined with some that relate to the brand or product and in turn are popular.

When using hashtags of popular or frequent use, enter your brand in the search engines and publications related to your brand will appear more frequently in the users’ time line, causing the brand to attract attention either by the eye-catching or by the insistent appearance of your publications, yes, these popular hashtags must be related to the promoted product, otherwise they will not make any sense.

At this point it is necessary to contain the amount of hashtags, use a maximum of five so that you do not give the impression of being desperate to sell but give the image of someone who only wants to interact while promoting a product or brand.

Conduct contests periodically

It is important to motivate the movement in terms of the acquisition of your products, and that user or potential client resists a good promotion, there are many formats of contests in which one of the steps to follow is to share the account, with it not only Motivate regular customers to interact with the page and acquire your products, but, cruel as it may sound, you turn them into your temporary publicists thus reaching many more people.



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