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How to Put Into Action Artificial Intelligence into Your Business

The organization need to decide if the technology is right for their business before implementing the artificial intelligence for their business module.

Organisations can’t be compelled into the fact that AI has gone mainstream. It is already present in people’s smartphones, internet smart engines, connected homes and a range of solutions.

Companies must need to identify a problem and judge whether the technology will help them resolve it.

Jorge Sanchez – director of the product strategy at Appian believes that companies can derive real value from this technology in their applications, “as it helps automate repetitive tasks, empowering employees and agents by helping them make better, faster, and more informed decisions.”

“It’s not just about after the latest trend, but rather leveraging a new technology that can positively impact your bottom line.”

Jumpstart automation initiatives

Any company or any area of a business that can benefit from automation can benefit from AI as well.

“Simply put, AI is one of those technologies that can bounce start many automation tasks, as well as enhancing present-day business effects,” explains Sanchez. “Many banks, insurers, healthcare companies and retailers have already adopted AI into customer service features to offer sensible insights, faster service and higher patron revel in.”

“For instance, retail banks use AI to offer suitable banking products to their customers. Insurance agencies leverage AI to verify identification, assess danger profiles and tell insurance.”

“Healthcare providers are incorporating AI to triage patient referrals and cases, as well as diagnostics. Retailers have been using AI for years to identify shopping patterns and recommend items to consumers.”

“There are many other areas that will become more intelligent and automated in the years to come, including back-office functions like accounting, IT support, operations, and logistics.”

How to begin

If an enterprise decides to enforce artificial intelligence into their commercial enterprise, they need to begin by figuring out functions, processes and responsibilities that are tremendously repetitive and may be computerized.

“Leveraging AI does not mean you need to [or should] rethink your whole business model, or completely change the way you do things. It is a technology that can help improve your current processes, and current decision-making approach,” says Sanchez.

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The second thing
“Learn more about how AI can benefit your business, while also familiarizing yourself with Natural Language Processing (NLP), cognitive services and machine learning,” continues Sanchez.

“You do not need to be the expert on AI, but you do need to understand what AI can do for organisations. Once this is done, you can proceed to automate key processes, collect and my observations to detect trends, patterns and outcomes, to start creating algorithms for machine learning, then build up to have AI for predictive responses.”

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The DO’s and DON’Ts

As with every technology rollout, start with small, simple but high-impact tasks and processes to start automating and applying AI — according to Sanchez.

“The experience and experiments from smaller projects will create a sound foundation to move onto bigger, more complex human interactions and AI challenges. You want to focus on quick-wins and figure out a plan with short, medium and long-term goals, all tied to specific business goals.”

“Don’t pick a complex process or task with too many variables, decision points, stakeholders and potential outcomes,” he warns.


“While AI remains in its infancy, it could already do plenty of factors properly,” concludes Sanchez.

“One of the first matters to recognize is which you do not want to automate the complete procedure, however rather parts of it. The more focused the hassle you’re trying to remedy, the simpler the AI answer design may be. Currently, it is very tough to replace a complete complicated procedure with an unmarried AI black container, designing any such machine may be daunting. However, that equal system can be broken down into smaller parts and some of the ones can be very without difficulty automated. This is an excellent technique to take given nowadays’s talents.”

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