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Humanity At It’s Best

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Have you ever wondered and pondered about what makes God to expand and increase the population of the world close to seven billion people?

Have you ever reasoned why God did not allow the existence of human beings to end with Adam and Eve as it was chronicled in the book of Genesis?

Have you ever think about the rationale behind God allowing you and I to be in existence?

The answers to these questions are not difficult but they might be hard for anyone who finds it difficult to search deeply about what the purpose of human existence is all about?

No doubt about it, the purpose of human existence expresses itself at its best when anyone decides to embark on soul searching that question and probe deeply why we are all clustered as living being on this earthly pedestal.

The earth surface is filled with billions of people of much diversity in ethnic groups, race, ethnicity, color, culture, language, religion and belief. God in His infinite mercy allowed this to happen for a reason. It is this reason that really defines the purpose of humanity in content and in context. The purpose of humanity is expressed in its diversity.

Humanity at its best can be described vividly and practically when the understanding about the reasons why God allow each and every one of us to be alive at this moment in the course of human existence on earth.

The best in every human finds expression when each and every one of us can define and describe why we are living and existing on the surface of the earth.

The question is:

Why are you living?

This is a type of question that many might find difficult to answer due to its ambiguity because the answers to this question might differ from one person to another.

Despite this ambiguity that the answer to this question might portray, if someone is careful to subject this question to deep analysis and practical thinking that place the beauty of every human at its core, it will not be tasking to understand that that the reasons why we are alive is simply for brotherhood and fraternity designed and fashioned towards helping each other.


Without any shade of doubt, God allow each and every one of us to be alive in order for us to be able to stand in the gap for others. This is exactly what defines the intent of our purpose on earth when it is carried out. There is a deep streams and waves of fulfillment that flows   through our veins when we contribute our own quota towards uplifting others.

Stefan Stefancik

The best in every human is deeply expressed when you contribute your quota in installing the best in you in another person without any form of gratification. This has the potential of transforming into value-chain that has the ability of mutating within the space of time in the course of human existence.

The best in you is not in your personal achievements and personal possession. The best in you is profoundly expressed when it is exhibited and reflected in others with its ability of turning into a legacy that posterity will maximize as a raw material for building a glorious future in the test of time accompanied with an egalitarian society that will enhance the development of humanity.

The fulfillment of your purpose on earth becomes visible when you have many people around you who can testify testify to your efforts in adding positively to their life.It is through this contribution that you meet an iconoclastic stature that might outlive generations not yet born.

It is when every human live in the consciousness and understanding that our live must be given out sacrificial and selflessly for the satisfaction of others that our world can become better.

When you help others, you are definitely helping yourself in one way or the other because every human being are created by God from a source-Adam and Eve. No matter how visible the differentials might be , when you offer a hand of help to a stranger, you are invariably helping your brother or your sister because our root and origin is from the garden of Eden whereby the first man and the first woman were housed by God.

A purposeful life is a life that is extremely bent on helping others whether it is comfortable and convenient. Through this, those who are living their life practically based on this attains a realm of fulfillment that makes them to be classified as angels walking on the surface of the earth.


The question is?

What are you doing to be an angel to others?



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Faydeyi Femihttps://mylittlesimplethought.wordpress.com/
Written by Faydeyi Felix Femi. Founder & Owner of The Word Smith Scribe - MLST Express Impacts’ Team Member, Contributor, Media/ News, Religion, Successful Living and writer.

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