Many at times when things don’t go the right way, we are eager to stop at that point in life! Life has taught me a sweet lesson in a hard way. But I love the ride along the way. When I started this media publishing company, I had no knowledge of the internet, blog or what so ever, but I know now, that I have really learnt a lot by not pocketing my vision.

Everyone, who has been with us from the first day I launched this magazine, could tell how this site had gone through from daily content publication, to taking a break from that! Not that I desired to take a break but a lot of stuffs I had to settle for my passion, from the site break down, to reverbing the site to normality.

I remember the first time, I took my mobile phone in 2016, without any knowledge of how blogging works out. I registered a domain known as (a combination of my first two letters of my Surname and my second name, which has become a brand of itself) from my bed laying down, after seeing an advert of saying “Turn your passion into profit” instead of asking the “How” question, I bought the domain, still don’t know how to figure out, how to get a theme or do some settings required. But only what I could remember was the “hello world” default post of of which I published, not realising, there were actually humans that will read it! ◊


But before I started this internet community, I believe that I’m blessed with a writing gift, of which it has helped me a lot even in times of happiness, sad moments, pains and many other situations I found myself! I was keen to penning my thought down right from early age in life, from poetry to crafting business ideas. Like most people will say, “there’s this one thing, that God had blessed you with”

“there’s this one thing, that God had blessed you with”

I believed my gift from this supernatural God, was this special skill of putting my thoughts into poetry and writings but I had no idea yet of what to do with it. I wrote countless collections of poems of which I left in Africa, the last time I visited! During those times I love penning down my thoughts, I have always had a prayer, that someday this gift is gonna yield me some income and that led to the “how” to convert my passion into passive income but I screwed-up all along the way. But one thing kept me going and that is persistency I have towards my gift, because I have always thought, the right question “How”.

As much as I want to showcase my passion, I also had another agender in mind. The agender of “how will this my gift impact others” that’s where the birth of “Express Impacts” was born, so I thought of making it a Magazine and a community, after learning many the secret of most of the successful big guys, we hear their names today! I learnt they have one specific thing income, and that is the fact that “what does the world need, that I can provide?”

Since these two years, I wouldn’t say I have gotten the right master plan to follow but I have learnt in times of the good times and bad times, especially this year 2018, where I have to engage in building the community in terms of the visual appearance, theme and functionality. All these I did, by learning and practicing those skills into action all alone! Most times, I take courses on to help me know what I need to know and how to implement them into creating a vibrant opportunity for content creators to socialize themselves. If you want to be successful, you must learn to be persistent!

“a drop of water can’t make an ocean but continuous drops can a mighty one!”

My question to you is, when and where you felt like giving up? If you could figure it our, I’ve got a remedy for you. You need persistency! My mum once told me, “a drop of water can’t make an ocean but continuous drops can a mighty one!” Keep moving!



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