I will be taking a forlorn step,

I will be going to a far country,

I will be walking on the sea,

I will be flying in the sky,


I will be running a race,

I will be walking on the moon,

I will be climbing hills and mountains,

I will be moving from coast to coast,

I will be skipping valleys,

I will be visiting the sick and the downtrodden,

I will be an eye to the blind,

I will be an ear to the deaf,

I will be a mouth and a tongue to the dumb,

I will give to the needy,

I will champion the course of the oppressed,

I will! I will!! I will!!!

I will–The empty promises,

I will–The killer of destiny,

I will–the respite of the lazy,

I will–The waster of time,

I will–The enemy of Progress,

I will–The deceiver.

Your time is your life,

Your life is your time.

No greater resources have been given to humanity,

No greater gift humanity is endowed with,

That is as precious,

As the tickling of the watch,

The tickling of every second,

Ends up counting our life,

It is the summation of every existence on earth.

Whatever our time tickles,

Is what our life counts,

Time is life,

Life is time.

‘I will’ is a destroyer,

‘I will’ is a killer,

‘I will’ is a deceiver,

‘I will’ is a thief.

‘I will’ defines procrastination,

Procrastination is nothing but a thief of time,

Procrastination is nothing but a thief of life.

Stop wasting time,

Stop wasting your life.

If you don’t want your life to count,

Kindly allow the life of others to count,

Stop procrastinating,

Act now,

Give your life a meaning.

Write the vision,

Run with the vision–Habakkuk 2 verse 1-4.

Give your vision a mission,

Give your mission a vision,

While others are snoring, be awake doing the right thing,

While others are sitting, be on your feet standing and watching,

Stop frivolities,

Act now,

Tomorrow might be a forlorn hope,

Tomorrow might be a mirage,

Tomorrow might not come,

Today is the day,

What will people remember you for,

Success or failure,

playfulness or discovery,

overtime is good for the right thing,

Stop postponing,

Stop complaining,

Stop delaying,

Slothfulness is a curse,

Sluggishness is a disease,

Do it now! Do it now!! Do it now!!!

Tomorrow might disappoint,

Tomorrow might not come,

Make hay while the sun shines,

The sun might not be shinning forever,

The rain might not be falling forever,

There is a time and season for everything under the earth–Ecclesiastes 3 verse 1,

A stitch in time saves nine.

“You may delay ,but time will not, and lost time is never found again”

Benjamin Franklin.



  1. My appreciation goes to team.Thanks for giving me an opportunity to be part of this laudable feat.


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