Thursday, December 13, 2018

Just A Quick Updates From the Express Impacts Editorial Team.

Many of you might be wondering, why the changes here and there! Yeah, we did lots of changes in the sites recently, from the appearance to the layouts of the contents. Reasons for all these changes is that, we want the community to be as light and soft on any devices especially mobile devices e.g iPhone or Android, finally we came up with this design and we aren’t changing anything anymore.

We’re a community that wants to accommodate any individual with a passion that interested in the platform, most access the Platform with small devices like and for that, the IT team has worked tireless and putting more than 100% of their effort to make sure this works out and this time, it’s perfectly fit for the purpose of the site.

For those waiting for our July Issue Magazine, we’re now editing and designing it, we’ll make sure it comes out by next week… and Finally, the site is back online and it’s active. We really appreciate your patience and we look forward to communicating with you guys more. Thanks Guys!!!


Edas Aigbe

CEO of Express Impacts.

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