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Are You The Levite in The Parable of The Good Samaritan?


On my way to work early this morning, I boarded a bus—Danfo (yellow bus precisely) at a particular bus-stop in my vicinity called Omo-onile Bus-Stop.I kept to the right hand side of the last seat of the bus. At the point of my entrance into the bus, I met a male passenger sitting on last seat of the bus but other rows are filled with passengers, though not all rows are filled up. So when I sat down we were only two on the last seat and the only thing I could remember also was that the bus conductor mouthed loudly that we should help him with #50 change.

It didn’t bug me because I have a #50 change that I will give him for my bus fare.

Though the bus was not yet filled up but we continued our trip and the driver intermittently slowed down to pick other would be passengers until every vacant seat becomes occupied and our trip continued without hassle with the conductor reminding all the passengers to help him with #50 change.

Even at a particular point, an elderly man occupying the last seat on the second row cracked a joke asking the conductor if he has #5000 change. It was at the point of this joke that I noticed this old man putting on a Yoruba native attire with eye-glasses carefully worn by him. So I can send without any iota of doubt that he is a Yoruba man.

Suddenly, the unexpected happened at a particular bus-stop called Banire bus –stop and the driver had to park.

This old man started behaving funny with all the fibers of his body shaking, and fear and pity enveloped that whole atmosphere of the bus with everybody shouting the name of Jesus.

Initially, I was not conscious of this sudden incident but later when I looked up directly in my front, I saw that it was the same old man cracking joke with the bus conductor initially that is gradually loosing grip of his existence.

Initially, I thought it was convulsion but later I trashed the thought that there is no way an old man who might probably be a grandfather to some beautiful and handsome daughters and boys can  be a victim of paralysis or convulsion at his old age.

While I was busy with this argument in my mind , I noticed that one of his hands was put very close to his heart, it was at this point I agreed with my thought that was drifting towards heart related diseases initially. The seizure made part of the old man’s body to lean back but our bus conductor was able to use one of his hands to support him. I later observed he might have been a victim of stroke before. So I concluded it was a heart-related diseases that has to do with heart seizure.

While we parked and we await our patient to recuperate gradually, another scene was created by one of the passengers sitting in the front row with the driver. One of the passengers in the front row lost his coolness even though he dressed a bit corporate but without a knotted tie. He started complaining that he can’t wait for the man to get back and he started fomenting trouble with the other passenger asking him to refund his money on time since he is in a hurry and he cannot wait any longer.

The amazement on the face of all other passengers was that how could this young man could be unreasonable and heartless by asking a fellow passenger for the refund of his transport fare which has been collected by the conductor. He is expected to make his demand known by asking the conductor but he spent his time asking the other passenger since it was the other passenger that handed over his transport fare over to the conductor.

At this point when this scene was ongoing, the only thing that comes to my mind is the parable of the Good Samaritan whereby the priest and the Levites passed the person that was attacked by armed robber without offering any help and sympathy until a good Samaritan came to the scene and helped the victim out. It was then I realized that the parable of our Lord Jesus Christ is practical and real in this today’s world.

Later, the passenger that started the trouble took a bike and left the scene with him blaming the other front row co-passenger for wasting his time and not giving him his money.

When he left, we all waited patiently for the old man to recuperate gradually, though all efforts to talk to him proofed abortive. He was alive but he didn’t respond by talking. Later, we retrieved his phone from his pocket to push a call through to any of his contact to make them aware of the situation of things but the call that was made to somebody was not that successful though there was a conversation to someone I can’t figure out whether a relative or any familiar.

Later, when I noticed a vacant bus coming, I boarded the bus because I thought I would be late for work but I was lucky to be three minutes early to work today because I took a bike worth #100 from Ogba to Acme Road to be punctual since I have wasted part of my time expressing my sympathy to the old man.

Thank God, he was relieved and he opened his eyes wide open before I left the scene.

It is pertinent to note that all that is written in the scripture will be fulfilled while we are existing on earthly pedestal because it is chronicled in the scripture that heaven and earth may pass away but a title of word of God will not go without it being fulfilled—-Matthew 24 verse 35.

It was this meet that made me to understand that human beings are the same in the way we handle issues and it is a pointer to the fact that man created by God is wicked and selfish in all desires.

We live our life’s thinking about what is good for us alone and every other person around us can burn in hell as long as we are able to get our desire.

Without any doubt, the heart of man is desperately wicked—-Jeremiah 17 verse 9-10.

This made me to keep asking this question that needs to be answered by all my followers, readers and viewers:

Are you the Levites in the parable of the good Samaritan?

Truly, our world is filled with many generations of Levites and priests that left the man injured by armed robbers to his fate until a good Samaritan took him up and safe his life.


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