How uncanny it is to live in a society where an embrace is considered as obscenity and the dazzling phenomena of urinating in a public place can be shrugged off! Is a relationship illegitimate just because two people who love each other haven’t signed a stupid piece of paper? The thoughts clouded her mind when the so-called police officer rebuked her for the alleged public intimacy.

Love is an act of impulse. It has its physical contour as well. Should a sudden urge to feel his proximity be considered obscene? Should the mutual attraction be redeemed only in nuptial bed? She tried to argue with the police officer. ‘Do you know who I am?’ he kept on repeating, pertinaciously. So, it’s just a matter of flaunting power, showing off the connection he holds with some rich legislator! She strove to put up with the jostling crowd, whispering in jest. Maybe when it comes to raising our voice, we all think of the repercussions first. So, we maintain silence. So, we’ll always maintain silence. And our society will be pushed backwards little by little.

This hare-brained incident is based on my recent ‘adventure’ in the city of ‘joy’, Kolkata. I’m not here to put brutal accusations on the city that flourished me with memories that I’ll cherish an indefinite period, neither do I degrade the warmth and amiability this city has to offer; but to dispense my personal views on the most cavalier subject, love. In India, you need to consciously assess how much affection you’re going to bestow upon your fellow lover, the shortest distance between two hands and of course, the most amorous sex organ, lips. It’s a felony to plant a kiss on your partner’s cheeks in a public place, leave alone the lips. Now the first question: where is the society heading?

The Indian society has given us the benefactions such as the daily plights of rape and acid attacks. Yet the disciples of law are immune to these and more interested in who-is-putting-whose-arms-around-whom fun game. Beware! If they catch you in the act of transgression as vulgar as holding your beloved’s hand, they might denounce your dearth of education, your bourgeois background and so on.

How can the grotesque face of the society be exposed while all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are slipping into the grandeur of this dunghill more and more? If you protest, the argument aggravates. If you don’t, guilt chokes your throat; the guilt of not strengthening these crackpots’ process of thinking.

Is there really a solution?

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