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mCoin — First Offline Cryptocurrency

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ONEm announced the release of a new cryptocurrency called mCoin.

cryptocurrency, that makes it possible for about 3 billion people around the world who do not have access to the internet, take advantage of new kinds of services tied to block-chain technology and anyone can access it from any mobile device.

mCoin is powered by ONEm’s global and scalable Platform, which, according to the company, has the potential to reach billions of people around the world even through traditional mobile without the Internet.

Unlike other known Cryptocurrencies, people will have the ability to trade mCoin securely from virtual wallets through SMS without internet connection. Users will be able to earn mCoins through “Pseudo-Mining” which is a type of “Proof of Work” based on significant activities.

Christopher Richardson, CEO of ONEm platform says; “It is exciting to see so many people who share in our vision for an inclusive Cryptocurrency outside of the domain of the Internet. People from all over the world are participating in mCoin Pre ICO and taking advantage of the attractive bonus packages now available as they see tremendous high growth potential of a cryptocurrency that can reach this very big un-tapped market.”

Governments and private organizations can make use of mCoin’s SMS blockchain innovation as well as use it to provide valuable services to citizens and clients alike, who do not have internet access.

mCoin is not just open to governments and large organizations, but millions of small-scale businesses around the world will also have access to mCoin through ONEm’s Sweb for Business, Market Place, mCatalogue and many social applications that use SMS or the Internet.

mCoin is uniting a community of people who do not have access to the internet, opening an opportunity for them to be able to take part in sharing information that will improve the economy.

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