I wrote the original piece on the 1st of June 2016. It is exactly a year now and it is heavy in my mind that it will end up being a blessing and a source of encouragement to my readers.

The conditions of life are not permanent and quite unstable. Life always presents itself with many variations and shade. There are times and seasons we wished and desired in our lifetime and there are times and seasons we hate remembering in our lifetime. We are created not to have full control of the realities around us except when we give everything concerning us to God to take preeminence over the affairs of our life.

No doubt about it, marriage is one of the phases in life that almost every matured human hoped to have an experience of. The desire to be loved and to be married is natural and divine and it will remain one desire every human we run after till the close of the age.


Marriage is designed to be beautiful and blissful presents a source of companionship that is internally deep above what is in reality on the surface.

Since every human is created to expect the unexpected. Often times than none, marriage like any other areas of life passes through its own ups and down. Many marriages started well but they ended with unexpected experiences that no one desires while there are few other marital unions that start well and ends well.

Not that those marital union that ended well are not accompanied with challenges and vicissitudes but the ability of the parties involved, external and internal parties birthed the success of the union with the help of God who institutionalized and covenanted marriage right from the beginning of the world.—Genesis 2 verse 18.

In the face of challenges in your marriage, can you please read my advice?

Some silly thought might be coming into your mind often due to the circumstances in your family and the challenges your marital relationship is passing through.

Questions and thoughts like:

Why did I marry this man or this woman?

Why did I say ‘YES’ to this man or this woman?

I shouldn’t have married now…

I shouldn’t have married a poor man or a poor woman when rich guys and wealthy ladies are everywhere…

You are right. You might have gone for a better person with a prospect in the status quo and finances with properties across the length and breadth of the whole world.

Just as there has never been an end to tomorrow, there can never be an end to a better person. The brightening of every day signals the brightening of greater future for everyone on the surface of the earth on a daily basis.

If he or she has money before he or she met you, he or she might not propose to you or he or she might end up treating you bad because human taste is a function of their possession and financial status and wherewithal.

Stop entertaining such thought.

Both of you have consented and covenanted to whether the storm of life together, chickening out is not the way out.

Be focused on your relationship and family.

Keep praying for a better day.

Be hardworking and keep the ground moving with the hope of getting your heart desires within a little space of time.

Break every fallow ground, cultivate your land, nurture your desires and dreams to fruition.

There can never be an end to issues in your domestic affairs.

Manage it with maturity.

Never give in to domestic violence of any shade and kind.

Stop comparing your family with that of others.

Sit down and work things out.

Do not embark on extramarital affairs.

Extramarital Affairs are not safe. It is risky with its ability to attract sexually transmitted diseases and many spiritual attacks.

Extramarital affairs is an effort in futility that ends up triggering curse and unexpected challenges and responsibilities with it leading to polygamy and the birth of children outside wedlock.

In conclusion, the grace of God will make our heart desires to come into fruition concerning our marriages and homes.

This is my advice on marriage and relationship for this hour.

For counseling on marital issues and life, you can contact me.




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