1. Create Series.

Choose an idea like writing about new product or adoptive habit, or blog progression post and write about it once or twice a month.

2. Blog progression.

Create something love that your subscribers will want to read in every week, month every four month (quarterly), every six months or even yearly. Whatever, you prefer, check in with your readers and let them know how your blog is going and how you feel it has improved

3. Current Trends.

Check on what’s hot now, and write about them. There’re so many trends that are constantly coming out that you’ll never run out of ideas to write about.


4. Write about the lifestyle and culture of your readers.

Check your views, target market and write about their culture, their traditions, their religion, so on and so forth to appreciate their point of view and to let them know you care about them. This will keep them coming back to see what your observation about them and their lifestyle.

5. Trends you wish were popular.

We all have some products or clothing, items from decades ago that we still fancy these days and we wish they could still be in the marketing that could be trending.

6. Your basket list.

Tell your readers about your basket list, the things you to do for fun or for pleasure before you die and exit this earth.

7. Locations you have visited or wish to visit soonest.

Let your reader be aware of the places you have visited or wish to visit soonest to build a better relationship in them and trust your judgement on any issues.

8. The things you already have done in your bucket lists.

Relate with your readers on the things you have done already on your bucket list and seek for their advice to know their views and stands.

9. Things you love and have fun with.

Tell your readers about all the things you love about, you have always wanted to be with at all times, whether it be fashion, hobby, make up, stories etc.

10. Reviews.

And lastly but not definitely the least on this list is reviews. Trust is the bedrock of every business that is successful. It’s very important to gain you readers’ trust. When you write about a positive review about a product they use, you gain their trust!

Hey guys! I believe these few tips will give you, some ideas and inspiration to write about in your next posts and I wish you good luck as you practice these little tips here. Thanks guys for reading this and keep checking on us for new updates for new posts and trending topics like this.



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