An extract from the latest guest lecture held at the UNSCIENTIFIC CHURCH OF NONRELIGIOUS ENTITIES.

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The lecturer in attendance is Prof. Leslie Longstocking and today’s topic revolves around the concept of shared matter in the physical plane. 

Hello valued Travellers.

Following on from last week’s lecture on the Uniformity of the Unity by Professor Lightbody, I felt it fitting to share with you the latest research from our facility in Tatnugan.

In many ways I was with you in my absence last week and will definitely be with you for the following weeks, despite my physical body being far removed.

We are all comprised at an atomic level of the same particles, in essence a carbon based life form with shared origins from across this and other galaxies.

It is the interconnectedness of these particles that I wish to discuss in more detail with you today. In particular, with reference to accessing the embeded memory strands we now know to be present in individual particles.

(Speaker points to a member of the audience whose hand is raised)

I will allow a brief period for questions at the end of the lecture Traveller.

We have identified a singularity that exists within nonentity specific particles or NESP’s as we prefer to call them. These are particles that are not of origin, or rather in layman’s terms, non unique to the entity. They exist in a state of flux within all of us.

The existence of NESP’s was theorised by the UCNE over a decade ago. It has taken technological advances made in the last twelve months by our research staff to finally isolate and identify the particles.

A single test entity screened positive for over twenty six million NESP’s in our first initial trials. Subsequent improvements and refinements to instruments now indicate NESP’s exist in numbers exceed billions in each entity, a far higher number than previously imagined. 

Dating of individual particles is currently based on the embedded memory strands which has proven too time consuming and we are hopeful that further advances will allow for alternate dating sequences to be developed. 

Origination of NESP’s based on quantum cycling is in the advanced stages and we will be able to identify origin in a simple screening process to allow the host targeted memory retrieval. 

NESP’s have a non linear cycle of dispersion and it is now an established fact that absorption of these particles is not predetermined or governed by any mechanism, but rather a random instance of chance.

(Murmer runs through the audience)

Yes, we were as amazed to discover this. No two entities screened with NESP’s identified from similar cycles exhibited similar memory patterns, indicating a stastical randomness that cannot be explained away.

Travellers are unique in singularity as origin entities and it now appears they are also unique in terms of NESP’s. The diversity this will allow us to build up through the accessed memory strands will change our perception of our current reality in fundemental ways.

I would like to move onto the practical techniques we are now able to share with you for entity based memory retrieval from NESP’s.

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