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No Condition Is Parmanent

This is a common parlance and even a mantra in my part of the world that occupies many available spaces anywhere in my locality. “NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT” My day started with unabated heavy downpour that seems like drizzling and it lasted for a long time that even tend to look as if the heavy downpour will remain unending till the end of today.

In the course of the rain, many will think that the day will be marred with this unabated heavy downpour because many people were seen to be drenched while going out in the morning and I noticed that so many business outlets and shops were closed this afternoon just because it was raining and many thought that the rain will cover the productive part of today.

Suddenly, the rain stopped and the sun started beaming gradually in the afternoon.

From this observation and reality, I was inspired and I started thinking about some of the personal experiences and encounters life has been known to push us through at one time.

You might be passing through dire circumstances that seems to be quite unbearable at  one point in time.This is just the way our life has been designed to wallow in the midst of various unexpected challenges and many a times, our aspiration to become better might end up becoming a burden to us when we are unable to meet up with any of the dreams and vision we had in our mind.

Life always withhold the best from us and it always shield us from getting our expectations on a platter of gold.It has been like this and nothing about life has really changed that will make anyone to believe that life is a bed of roses,though roses are known to radiate their beauty in the presence of thorns.

As real the challenges of life might be so also the solutions to the challenges of life are also real but the difference is that the challenges of life often show its ugly head without any visible notice and it gets its victim easily but solutions to the challenges of life is always difficult to get and it takes time and a lot of resources for anyone to get a solution that will work out.

Looking at the realities of life intently, one will understand that it is challenges that makes life competitive and interesting,if it happen that life is without challenges, life will be static and boring but it is the outcome of solutions to each challenges that makes us to be more experienced and prepared us for more eventualities that might show up in another time in another way.

The beauty of life is seen more in the midst of challenges.It makes our feet to be strong like a hind’s feet and it makes us to discover our Achilles heels without any stress.

The beauty of challenges is that it is the easiest pathway to personal development and self discovery.It givess us more inner strength that end up molding us to become the real men we are created to be.

In life, nothing stay thesame.Everything available in life is bound to change because the only constant thing in life is change.

No condition is permanent.

“When we least expect it,life sets up a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change;at such a moment,there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready.The challenge will not wait.Life does not look back.A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether to accept our destiny”—Paulo Coelho,The devil and Miss Prym.

The above quotation buttressed my stand from the inception of my write-up that no one can prepare adequately for challenges of life.It comes around when it is least expected and it doesn’t give us any warning but those who are experienced can maximise the content and the realities of past encounters with one challenge or the other to weather the storm of challenges when it rear its ugly head.

No matter the situation you might be enmeshed with, no matter how dire, dirty and miry it might be at this moment, just as the way the early morning downpour ceased, it will end up ceasing. Just make sure that you are not relenting in finding solution to the present predicament you might be passing through.

Never give up.

The world is waiting to listen to the stories of your challenges and how you find a solution to it that end up making you a champion and a winner.

Life is designed for the lion-hearted not for the chicken-hearted.Solutions to life challenges emerges when we are confident that every challenge has an expiry date and they are bound to fizzle out without any delay.

Just calm down and watch how you will end up being celebrated and counted among those who had been victorious in weathering the storm of life with or without any scratch and injury.

The vicissitude of life might be as real as life itself with its go with challenges pulling us apart but one thing that is more real than the harrowing challenges we passed through is solutions to the challenges which has an eternal assurance.

Challenges are shadows while solutions are the substance we need.

This is my inspiration for today that I believed it will motivate you to move on no matter the clog in the wheels of your progress.

You need to push until something happens and that something is the solution to whatever might be the challenges you might be facing in life.

Retain your candour.Stay calm and watch patiently how every harrowing experiences of your life will fizzle out with time.

I know it will fizzle out.

Once again,the vicissitude of life and its go with challenges are real but the beauty of these realities has its core and nucleus in the vicissitude of life fades out with time and the accompanying challenges expires with time.

The main thing that remains possible till eternity is the solution to your challenges.

Weep not child…

Ahead of you is a bright new day.

No matter how darken the night may be,a bright new day will emerge at the end.


Faydeyi Femi
Written by Faydeyi Felix Femi. Founder & Owner of The Word Smith Scribe - MLST Express Impacts’ Team Member, Contributor, Media/ News, Religion, Successful Living and writer.


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