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No Matter What Life Throws At You, Keep Your Value.

Many at times, you go through the horrors and terrible circumstances in life. Sometimes you intend to give up along the way, then you realized, you just need an inch step to your breakthrough. Don’t give up… at least, not yet!

Look around today, there are great names we could mention in every industry like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Tail Lopez, Edas Aigbe and many more names you could think of today. These aren’t just great names in the sounds of time but ordinary people, like you and I. They’ve all had struggles, bad experiences in life and even many of them fail in their first businesses, school or have a financial setback in life but today, we celebrate them because they kept their value.

Imagine you held a $20 note, you decided to fold, squeeze it, spat on, step on it and still pick it up. Does it lose its value? You can still use the same amount of money to purchase its worth in any shop or anything that worths it. So likewise in life, no matter what life intends to throw at you, for as long as you could still breath, pick yourself up and keep pushing until you make it.

In the road of life, there aren’t any straight path. Every day, you fall, raise up again, rediscover your purpose and keep going. Remember when you were a baby, you fell while learning how to stand up, how to walk and stay standing up. That taught us, at first that we’re liable to fall before walking, in like manner you’re also liable to fall when going up to what you aim to achieve in life. But what keeps you going, it’s your value.

What value have you developed, that will motivate you in the times of hardship and difficulties?

Find your value and keep reflecting back to it when life throws unpleasantness along your way, never give and keep pushing. It’s a fight, you must fight. Keep fighting!

Edas Aigbe
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