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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Not Again Exactly… What Is This About?

Opening my report card and with full excitement, I went straight to the corner where positions is usually written – all I saw was 1st position….I smiled; of course, I wasn’t expecting anything less-right in the middle of my emotions, I heard someone said behind me …not again!…and then I turned to look at the person, it was one of my competitors in class who had the second position but wasn’t happy with it-at that point all he could say was ‘Not again’. I taught and kept wandering “Not again what exactly” 2nd position isn’t bad at all, I guess.

Few years later after school (higher institution) and was on for my internship program, we had this guy who would remain so quiet at everything our lady-manager does that pisses him off. I was forced to ask him one day why he doesn’t put up attitude like everyone else. he said “Mary, the worst thing that can ever happen to a guy is to have a lady leading

Haba! I taught in my mind – what is this guy saying? ohhhhhhh, really… no wonder the guy in my class in secondary school said ‘not again’ – of course, he can’t continue to always have me lead the class. He can’t continue to put up with having a small girl like me top him.  Little wonder, my kid brother would always carry shoulder when I talk to
him and say things like “I’m still a man o”


  • Life isn’t about who leads or who is leading, it is about who is delivering.
  • Life isn’t about trying to get gender balance at all spheres, it is about trying to being the best one can be at all time.
  • Life isn’t about pushing hard to get the lead, it is about even as a follower how impact I’m.
  • Life isn’t a bed of roses and won’t always give all you expect, it is about working and keep working it out until it becomes attainable.
  • Life itself might not be as fair as you wished, it is about being able to manage every situation.
  • How often do you compare your achievements with others? How often do you measure up your success?
  • The mindset shouldn’t be about trying to get a balance between you and others attainment, it should be factored towards what you can do and how you can make what you are doing better.
  • Stop competing with what isn’t competible.
  • Stop comparing with what isn’t comparable.
  • Let your intuition be programmed towards making yourself better and doing something different.
  • Aim for the top because it is attainable.
  • Work it out because it is realistic!
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Mary Otunbahttp://www.otunbamariya.wordpress.com
To some I'm a counselor, to others I'm a teacher of the word. my sister would even say I'm a very good singer yet to be revealed for the world to see...sounds sarcastic kindaf but one thing I know is I write, one crazy about music, a motivational speaker and a digital marketer #AuditAccountant.

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