I have been posting on WordPress for two weeks now. The experience has been unusual, to say the least, and not one I am entirely sure I am comfortable with.

I am an author, used to the freedom of long drawn out sentences, not the narrowing confines of journalese or blog speak (my phrase, please don’t Google).

Want a successful blog? All the pundits tell you to keep the posts short, write less for more followers, better search engine results and share useful information.

It’s just not in my genes. Writers by their very nature cannot stop at 400 words. We have a hard time switching off at 4000. We have a story that needs to be told and when it’s done, it’s done.

Therein lies the difference between a successful blogger and an author. They are distinct and vastly different disciplines, much like the journalist who learnt his craft from scratch, an inverted triangle controlling his creativity.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not in any way being derogatory towards these writers. It is an art to be able to describe life in the constraints placed on you by the media. Not one I am certain I could emulate.

In much the same way, bloggers, and I refer here to the successful ones, have mastered the art of writing for their audience. Targeted content for a very specific group of readers.

Their words and topic choices are crafted to suit their following, catering to the needs of their audience and whatever particular penchant they may have.

I write for pleasure, as I suspect do many of us, I always have. My topics are varied and come to me when I sit down to write. Whatever takes my fancy or moves me will be the topic of the day.

The test now is to see if my craft and the way I practise it can be successfully transferred to the digital medium of the blogosphere.

It’s a strange thing, having to deal with tags and categories, social media, followers and likes.

I can remember a day when all we had to do was find a publisher.

I have a feeling fame and glory may be just a few followers away. Now if I can just figure out where to find them. Oh, and can someone please do a word count, I think I may just have gone over 400.

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Article Credit: Robert Turner