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Saturday, February 16, 2019

One Reason To Keep Writing…

Being a writer can come with its own challenges at times; one is the challenge of what to write, other times it might be as simple as not having the desired motivation to pen something down. Whatever is the case, you just have to find that one thing that’ll make you write at all cost. Amidst several reasons to keep writing is:

You never can tell who your writings inspire: This sounds so simple but it’s so true, being a writer is a gift not everybody usurps. Your ability to paint the world with your words is in itself a sheer blessing. Keep writing those blog posts ‘even amidst low site views’. The world needs to be inspired and motivated by the gift of writing you’ve got in you.

If you ever find yourself giving up on writing, say to yourself ‘just one more post’. Keep doing this and keep writing and you will see that with time and the right attitude, your persistence will pay off.

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Alara Karishttp://www.alarakaris.com/
Hello, I’m Alara Oluwaseyi Karis, a passionate lover of life ( at least that’s what God intended anyway) I love writing, playing the guitar, reading ( really can’t get enough of this). I also love children…..I can’t resist them….. Oops!! I almost forgot to mention, I love fashion ( anything that makes me look cool). I believe that if we would all use our divine gifts and abilities for the advantage of mankind, then this world will be a much better place which is one of the reasons for setting up this blog in order to contribute my own quota to nation building.


  1. You really made my day.I am someone really bothered about a way out of my present underemployed situation.
    I have tried looking for solutions with so many attempt to apply for better job but no way.Presently, i ran into the idea of looking inward and i discovered that one thing that remains in my life is to maximize my gift.I later discovered writing.
    Writing comes to me easily and i dont know the reason.
    Presently, I am wondering how what I am doing now will be available on a larger platform and how I can use it to bring my dream into reality.
    Never to forget,eventhough i do not know you but i need you as i needed everything in life.It might not be physical but i want us to relate very well as brothers since we both have thesame similar passion and dream.
    Is blogging really profitable?
    If it is profitable,how can i go about it?
    Do you have materials on profitting from blogging?
    I am asking these questions because i delve into blogging without having any prior knowledge about it and i was able to achieve the little i have so far by my own intuition.
    I will be appreciative if you can attend to me and give credence to my questions.
    I really appreciate your support.

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