Top 7 Amazing Places To Visit In India

As the monsoon gets over, with clearer skies, the holiday season kicks off during October in India. With festivals like Dusshera and national holidays like Gandhi Jayanti falling this month, October is the perfect time to visit most of the parts of India as it’s neither too hot, nor too cold and foggy and the rains are rare. If you are looking for destinations in India to be visited in October, we presents to you the top holiday options for October in India:

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The Day Before Yesterday.

My official assignment was the top on the list that kept bothering my mind due to the fact that at the moment when i was away for a annual seminar for a combined area cooperative society,i was really bothered about the fate of my official duty while i was away since there is no single capable hand that i can hand over to without being bothered about the quality of job that will be dished out in my absence.

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