I looked around the world recently, I came out to a conclusion after seeing lot of people, from different skin colours, races, nations and all walks of life remaining unfulfilled, though many among the world’s population which are over 7.4 billion as at 2016 world record, have the best jobs/careers in life but yet still not satisfied with life and the things around them in one way or the other in life.
Today, I have come to show you something that will make a master in life, only if you follow these qualities and abide in them!

Here are the 7 qualities, you should follow and familiarise yourself with.

  1. Develop the courage to follow those above you.

    In life, there’s no way you can be successful without learning, subjecting yourself to a higher authority! God has placed you under people who are already successful, such as mentors, instructors, instructors that should help and guild you becoming the better version of yourself. You might a gift, talent or even special skills, that’s inside you but without a mentor, instructor or even spiritual head that are already successful in the areas you want to grow, to give you guidance and help when needed, the gift become a waste talent. Find and submit yourself to follow those above you.

  2. Discipline.

    This is the ability to do what’s needed or necessary even if you don’t feel like or love to do. Take a look at every successful people today, in the world. They all have one ability, which is it the motivation to do what is needed even when the going, gets tough and sometimes impossible but they still breakthrough with persistence, discipline on their vision! e.g. Bill Gates, the Founder of Microsoft had tough times in his life but yet he was able to breakthrough in his life even when it was tough as recorded in Wikipedia. You have to discipline yourself to bring that’s in you, your full potentials!

  3. Zealousness.

    If you must be successful, you must have the zeal, to do that which you must do passionately. With a zealous mind, you learn every step of the way to meet your dream in life. Zealousness brings creative ability to work hard!

  4. Patience.

    Trust me, you can’t be successful at once, it’s a natural law that controls everything gradually, just like life itself, when you were born, you didn’t just become an adult from the minute you came into this world, so likewise it’s your business, career, talent, skills or what ever you hoping to be successful, you have to learn to wait and be patient over it. Plant your seed, treasure it, protect it, nourish it and wait for it to grow to that which, you want it to be. Be patient over it!

  5. Loyalty.

    Everything I have learnt in life is as a result of my loyalty to the ones God has placed over my spiritual life, career, business. Loyalty is a process of learning leadership, obedient to authorities, your boss, team leader. Before becoming a leader, you must learn the ethics of loyalty and abide the practices in your spiritual life, business and in every other area of your life.

  6. Accountability.

    In simple term, be responsible for everything that concerns you, be faithful to that which you’re blessed with. Just like the words of Jesus, “he that’s faithful in little will be lord over all” A lot of people aren’t accountable for the little they have, they lack managerial skills, that’s why they don’t get to that positions in life because they will destroy existed structures that are already built there. Become a person of accountability in your life and take responsibilities of your life.

  7. Take every step in life serious.

    Yes! you heard me right, take every step of your life seriously, from your work life to your business life, career life, spiritual life, relationship and so on! Every life that concerns you. You have to build them deliberately and consistently with seriousness because different aspects of your life depend on them. Take the right decisions and actions at when needed, you’ll see how much you’ve gone far to the required life you want!

When you imbibed these qualities in you, you’ll realise how much you’ve grown in every area of your life!