Do you want to start a company of yours with little capital or no capital at all? I will give you, how to start such company. I had a conversion with a young man like me recently, all what he could say,

“Please can you help me with some finance to help him start a business or something”

but I asked him just one simple question like,

“what do you want to do?”

But he couldn’t give me an answer to the question. That tells me something, that many of we young people, want someone to help us but some of us, actually don’t have a vision to what, we want!


Success doesn’t happen like that, without we knowing what we want out of life. It’s possible to build a billionaire worth of company from scratch. Though it might take time but, you can do it. So, I’ll give some tips to help you build that company or business, you desire to.

1. Building the right mindset

First thing needed in embarking on an entrepreneurial journey is the mindset. Having the right mindset, helps you to visualise the future of your business. It creates an alignment of your spirit, towards what you want. I remembered, I started writing down what my company could be like, in 2013 while as a student. I was able to visualize the company, without knowledge in the resources needed.

With no technical background, internet knowledge and how a company should be run and no finance to even start such company. But the company as already be concluded in my mind. To have a billionaire worth company, you must have a billionaire mindset.

2. Develop a continuous reading habit

To be a billionaire, you must be a reader and research of new ideas. It’s a habit that must be inculcated into your life, you can read an idea that will advance the world. Be a student to the lifestyle of reading.

3. Be Grateful with little you have

A grateful heart always receives more from anywhere, anyhow! Every true billionaires are grateful in life. The secret is, when you’re grateful for what you have, it multiplies. People that give to you, will always want to give more because you’re grateful!

4. Ask for help

There are a lot of people out there, that wants to help with your vision, because they want to be part of your success. Don’t be isolated, you can’t build a billionaire worth of company alone, not even a genius. Ask for support and help from those, who are more intelligent than you. It’s humility to do that, which is one of the element of great leadership.

5. Start!!!

Don’t wait to have some certain amount of income before you start. Start with the little you have, look for ways to move your business step-by-step. Like the sayings goes,

A continuous drop of little of water makes an ocean.

Just start as you can in any way, you could!



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