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Take Advice From Those Who Are Products Of What They Give Out.

How many of us has had advice, giving from others that has made us who we are today? Many of us, I guess. I’ve grown up in a place personally, where our parents, relatives or friends gives us advice in some certain places in life-like ‘do this’ ‘do that’ ‘go to school’ ‘get the best careers’ ‘the best jobs’ and ‘end up with a family’ then ‘die’. All these advice are good, but most of the dictators of these advice are not product of what they are saying.

From experience, I have been in this situation, the first thing I do in this circumstance is to study the person’s life if they are a product of what they’re saying, most of the times it becomes invalid. A lot of parents advice their kids the way they should go in life, but yet they are not successful according to what they are saying. Some of them actually says ‘I wish’ they took the part they are detecting.

It is sad today, that most parents are noting to write home about because, they have failed and expect to advice their children according to what they see but not according to what they are. The only way, you could advice any one, either your kids, friends, or even anyone in life is the fact that you are a success in what you doing and has yield tangible results to you. That is mentorship and not dictation.

If you’re a parent or someone, who others looked up to in life, mentor them based on your success and not what you’ve read or something you’ve seen in others. Become the product of your advice to others. If you’re a student or someone, who is hungry to learn, you have to find the expert, the successful ones in what you want, learn from them, study them, look up to them, find a relationship with them and let them guild you to your future.

You’ve a unique idea in everything you do, you’re special, bring out that giant in you. Build your life, connect with the right people in life, affect your life and live the life you want, because no one will do it for you if you don’t.



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