Hey, I want to quickly say this, I know you want to be an entrepreneur, that’s the heck why you here, before you begin the journey of an entrepreneurship, let’s talk on it a bit. Who are these entrepreneurs that embark on such an unending journey?

Well, entrepreneurs are a special breed, who have the vision of changing the world better than they met it.

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Let me explain, entrepreneurship in general, which involves creating possibilities in the dark room. These days, it’s easy to assume to be an entrepreneur but it’s never easy to really be one! Entrepreneurship involves many things, to really catapult you to that realm.

I want to show you what made entrepreneurs differed from the common people. Entrepreneurial journey is a walk of surviving and overcoming, I know, this is deep but bear with me. The life of entrepreneurship is a calling for the fit. If you’re able to drink from the cup, you can become as one.


In the race of life, like Ecclesiastes will put it in Chapter 9 verse 11 from King James version.

I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, not battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.

Entrepreneurship is a journey that involves incredible people with amazing skills that want to show the world, how amazing they are and creating endless opportunities to answer questions around their immediate environment.

When you take a look at the successful people today, you’ll find out something different from the rest of people. They one time or the other, failed in their lives, careers or otherwise. In the race of entrepreneurship, you have to embrace failure, not because it’s good too but so that it doesn’t catch you unaware when it comes!

Secondly, you have to be available for opportunities in life for your calling. I know this, you can’t relate to it very well, let me explain. For instance, look at those on top of their games as entrepreneurs aren’t these group of people known to be the academic élite. But they surprise the world with their skills and take the opportunity of what God has blessed them. They search for problems that involve the solutions in their skills. They find the opportunity to impact the world positively.

While the average people look for others to give them the best jobs, attend college with the hope of having the best grade to get that dream job of there on one hand. On the other hand, entrepreneurs are looking for empty vacuums to fill and they create means to get it. You have to search for opportunities to explore your skills and potentials.

Thirdly, you have to understand the power of sacrifice. This is the point, a lot of so-called “Want to be” entrepreneur. For you to become intimate with your dream, you have to be sacrificial to it. It might be, you aren’t giving that dream your mind and think, your time to acquire more knowledge and skills, your finances to push it to the next place. Become Sacrificial to that which you have as a dream! You have to be smart.

Finally, but not last, you have to look for people with the same mindset, to carry out this Vision with you, Passionately. A lot of people think they can carry out what’s in their mind alone, that’s why many fail. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must learn how to work with people to pursue your dream. Take your life and pursue your dream passionately, the sky is too small to be your limit.

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