A busy party, my mother, her boyfriend, and me…everyone is having fun, drinking, laughing, and enjoying themselves. My mother and I lived with this boyfriend, I’ll call him Ben, for two years.  Everything was so perfect.  He was good to us both, and everyone was happy…At least this one last time.

During this party, I seen my mother and another man slip around the corner together.  I followed and when I rounded the corner, I saw my mother leaning up against the wall, and this man leaning in kissing her. –But things were finally going well for us–why was this happening?  Being frustrated and angry, and only seven-years-old, I screamed in frustration.

That’s when Ben came around the corner.


They were separated by then, but he just looked at me, then them.  –You see this man had just ran into the room when he heard my scream to see if I was okay.  Nothing was said.

We left the party shortly afterwards.

I remember them starting to argue.  I remember him saying that something had happened or I would not have screamed.  My mother threw all of my clothes on the bed and started packing them.  I was sitting on the bed, nervous and afraid.  That’s when Ben started hitting her.

When he first yanked her up, it caused the metal hangar to scratch my arm.  Then he started beating her, badly, she tried to defend herself, but he was too strong.  I cried and she screamed, but it seemed never-ending.  Her eyes were blackened, she was bleeding, and he had ripped the front of her shirt in two.  At this point she yelled to me “run and get help”.

So that’s what I did…I took off as fast as my little legs could take me, out the sliding glass doors, across the porch, down the stairs, and across the yard—he was chasing me and trying to grab me— 

Luckily (or by God’s grace), I had a Chihuahua who chopped down on Ben’s pant legs and caused him to strip just before he grabbed my arm!

I kept running and running until I reached the nearest neighbor’s house.  They owned a boat yard, so at first I hid between the boats, looking around me to see if Ben was still following, when I was sure that I didn’t see him.  I ran up to that house and banged on that front door screaming “help”  over and over again.

No one ever answered that door…but I had screamed so loud that the people next door came outside to see what was going on.  I tearfully relayed the entire story, including my mother’s ripped shirt, and being chased by Ben.  This elderly couple called the police, and I once again went through the entire story.  As I was finishing I saw my mother, dressed in another shirt, walking through the yard.  I was so happy that she was okay. I rushed over and hugged her, as the cops came over to question her about the situation.

To my utter disbelief, my mother told the cops that I had nightmares, and that it had all been a big dream!  I was trying to tell the policemen that it wasn’t true.  I asked them to please go to our house and look for the shirt.  My mother, who was very skilled with make-up, had hidden her black eyes very well.  They all looked at me with pity like the kid who cried wolf, then the cops left.

My mother slowly walked me back to the house, as I begged her to tell me why she did that.  She told me that Ben told her to go make it go away.  As I banged on the door of that house, she had plenty of time to re-dress and make herself up.

So, the fighting was over…for the moment…




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