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Sunday, January 20, 2019
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The Hustle Life of An Entrepreneur


Like the sayings goes “the world of entrepreneur is a battle field.” This metaphoric statement is true of which I had to believe last night! Despite sometimes as entrepreneurs, we feel like taking a rest from the hassles of tasks but the truth is that “we can’t” because the mind is always 24/7 at work, either outsourcing new ideas or completing ahead handed projects.

Trust me, sometimes I feel like running to mama for counselling from the injuries, sustained from the injuries sustained from the battle field but on the second note I realised, she might have helped in great way in giving birth to a legend, but when it comes to entrepreneurship and generally in the business world, she’s completely a stranger!

After all the completion of tasks, I decided to do last night, I finally had to rest last night at 2:45 am this morning and as a ritual, I love to read or listen to cool music especially gospel to calm me down before I sleeping off. Though, sometimes I play audible books to feed my mind on one or two things! But this night was different, I decided to rest with a book titled “Small Business, Big Money” by Akin Alabin. This specific book was refered to me by a female friend, the Founder and CEO of Feveta.com

On bed.

After the day’s task, I said to myself “let me use this time to read this PDF on my smart phone whilst on bed before I sleep off” on the way! Just few minutes in the book, as at 3:20AM, ideas keeps rushing into my small head (lol) with a big brain, like a running tap. So, I quickly rush to my side-bed table and reach for a pen and paper, to drop off these inspirations. There, another twenty-something minutes were spent creating this content whilst on my bed.

The life of an entrepreneur is hard and I think I love it even if, it becomes harder. But for now, enjoy the ride!

Maybe, you’re new to the Entrepreneurial journey, or maybe you’re older than most of us, including myself in this game! Which ever stage you’re in the ride of entrepreneurship, it’s cool. I’m not here to scare you, if you’re already feeling that way. And also, I’m not the smartest kid either to hype anyone here, but my job is to tell you that, as long as the journey is hard and sometimes the countless hours you’ve put in is different from the results you expected.

The truth is that you’re closer to your breakthrough! If you want to give up, remember Edison, who put in countless years of experiments before he broke through! I have to get back to the sleep, I left. But before I go,  “what’s that one thing you felt like leaving because it’s not working?

Don’t give up now, the world need your light! Give it to them, it’s theirs and don’t let your present circumstance deprive them of getting what you’re expected to give them! —- Bye!!!

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