This little line of thought pop into my consciousness as I was about shutting down from work this evening. As a result of their complaints, nagging and murmuring. I engaged them in a chat and I ended up inspiring them with this epistemological biblical sermon.

Note: I wrote the original version of this sermon on March 19, 2016, and I am elated that I found it still evergreen.

Inherent in every little possession at your disposal is a seed waiting for watering that will make it germinate into a full-blown evergreen tree that will end up becoming a thick forest that will accommodate other trees and vegetation.


The littleness in you is filled with the traits of fame, greatness, kingship, priesthood and rulership. If you can use the resources at your disposal no matter how little and inconsequential it might be, you mess will end up becoming a message that will attract global and international attention.

If you can maximise the little time and the little things at your disposal, your tears will end up becoming a testimony — Luke 21 verse 13.

Believe yourself!

Stop looking down on yourself!!

Stop giving reference to your challenges!!!

A referenced challenge is a nurtured challenge and anything we nurture sap our time and other available resources with it having the ability to become massive within a space of time if the nurturing and referring to remains constantly unabated.

A referenced challenge will end up multiplying by demanding your attention with the challenge of having an upper hand in dominating our consciousness and subconsciousness.

God made you a king,

God made you a giant,

Stop behaving like a dwarf,

Stop thinking less of yourself. — 1st Peter 2 verse 9.

No matter the situation and circumstances you might be overwhelmed with, God has deposited in your hands the “little things” that will herald your freedom within a short time.

In the course of Israelites deliverance from the Egyptians, the rod in the hand of Moses ended up as the instrument of deliverance — Exodus 4.

Never be like Moses that complained about his weaknesses, stuttering and shortcomings to God until God opened his eyes to know that Aaron has been chosen as a help.

Never be like Moses that complained to God about his inability to handle divine assignment until God showed him that the rod in his hands has been anointed and designated to serve as an instrument that will be used in part the red sea into two.

During the earthly Ministry of Jesus Christ, little loaves of bread and pieces of Fish were used to satisfy the hunger of multitudes following Jesus Christ–Matthew 15, Matthew 16, Mark 8, Luke 9 and John 6.

God’s blessing and the emergence of the glory of God in your life will be conceived and birthed through that little thing at your disposal once you stop brooding and complaining about the littleness of your possession.

What you have is more than enough for you to emerge as a testimony.

What you need at this moment is for you to seek for the blessing of God upon the little thing at your disposal.

God’s blessing turns littleness into greatness without any hassle.

Greatness becomes a lifestyle at the presence of the blessing of God.

Invoke the blessing of God on your littleness and behold the emergence of greatness inherent in your littleness.


God’s blessing can be invoked via THANKSGIVING.

In conclusion, never despise the days of little beginning — Zechariah 4 verse 10(KJV).





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