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The Marital Covenant.

The original piece of this write-up was produced on another social media platform on the 2nd of September 2016 tagged “THE GENERATION OF PARROTS”. It is one of the series of my personal memoir and observations of the present realities displayed and exhibited in the institution of marriage.

Though it delved into how the institution of marriage have been abused with so many forms of aberrations being exhibited by parties and stakeholders involved in upholding the tenets of marital covenants and consents.

I am confident without any doubt and shade that many of my readers will see it as a content of correction not as a this content displaying arrogance and ignorance. If you are ready, join me in reading along a personal observation I had in the course of 2016. I believe it will help somebody somehow.

Recently it dawned on me that there is a missing link between past generation and our generation. It can never tantamount to extremism to opined and submit that my generation is a generation of parrots.

My heart has been heavy since yesterday thinking about nothing but the decadence that is eating up the fabrics of our existence swiftly. It is not a curse that our generation to an extent has little to offer, every space of our society being, littered with men and women of 36 years but they are busy displaying mindset of a 18 years old.

It is a general believe that women are naturally culpable of mouthing and parroting to the extreme but I don’t think if anyone observed to a large extent that today the societies are filled with men and women of loose tongues. I keep asking myself what could have been the rationale behind the trend or the reversal of men being more parrot than women these days?

Can it be one of the signs of end time?
Can it be some of the signs of extreme decadence this age is
known with?

I am always downcast and disheartened when i see married men that are prone to displaying issues and matters in their matrimonial cycle or system as a subject and a content of discussions in public domain.
I am not that sure if many married men and women understand what marital covenant and vows are all about.

In any contract or covenant, the knowledge of the covenant or the contract is always an exclusive reserve of the contractor and the contracted or the exclusive reserve of the covenantor and the covenantee. So swift display of whatever is obtainable and happenings in your marriage with your friends and colleagues simply connotes breach of contract.

Nobody needs a further lecture or update to know that the content of any contract is biding between the contractor and the contractee. Any breach of the contractual agreement is a punishable offense anywhere in the world. Men are divinely destined and placed to be the pontiff and the protector of their family. As a man, you are losing your place of destiny, divinity, glory and, enthronement when you are fond of and culpable of allowing a friend or a colleague whether male or female to have first-hand information of what is obtainable within the confines of your matrimonial domain or space.

A loose tongue is defined immaturity.
The loose tongue is not the attribute of the wise.

Senseless and gullible men discuss their marital issues with office colleagues whether male or female.
You have nothing to offer matrimonial home when everything in your domestic domain is on display in your official known with. It simply connotes immaturity and weakness”.
By this, I think I can never be too wrong to submit that ours is a generation of parrot.
Any contrary view or submission is welcomed.
Happy reading.
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Faydeyi Femi
Written by Faydeyi Felix Femi. Founder & Owner of The Word Smith Scribe - MLST Express Impacts’ Team Member, Contributor, Media/ News, Religion, Successful Living and writer.



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