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Friday, March 22, 2019

The Stride to Self Discovery

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The great philosopher, Socrates didn’t need to pull a thousand strings of words to make his point drive home when he proffered the emphatic and effective approach to man’s daily confusion: self discovery, which is embedded in these three words: Man, Know Thyself. This article is an excerpt from my book “The Stride to Self Discovery”. This is a self-help and self discovery book. This ‘How-To’ book gives you detailed procedure on how to discover your self – purpose, assignment, talents, skills, intelligence and every little detail that makes you, you. And it gets better! This book imbues A 20-day path to self discovery to enable the reader find practical steps to find out who he or she is.

For the next seven days, I will show you a tip of what the 20 day steps in this book unfolds as you are about to embark on a journey to Me-Land. This is not a long walk to freedom but few strides to self discovery. You might be tempted to rip into all the paths after all, it’s your book but patience is a virtue. You have to dissect each path, brood over the newest discovery about yourself and make new resolve to change whether for good or better. Make the most of every discovery and make everyday count. Allow me to be your trip planner as I announce to you all the items you will need for this journey. For every trip to be successful, you have to pack ahead of time to avoid being stranded on the way, so here goes:

Firstly, you will need a growth journal. A growth journal is different from a diary. While a diary is a book which shows your experiences on a day-to-day basis, a growth journal is a book used to record every detail about you good, bad and ugly and how you are growing out a habit or into a habit, hence the name. I am think that a growth journal is more beneficial to you than a diary. Any book of your choice can be turned into a growth journal and people must respect you enough to respect your privacy except you want to show them. There is no registered pattern for writing a growth journal; it’s yours so make it yours. But I strongly recommend that you begin with your name and a story or description about yourself. Write freely until you want to stop. Nothing is wrong or correct; just make sure it is the truth.

You will also need a highlighter to emphasize on sentences or phrases that catches your attention or tick identities that resemble you.

DAY ONE: We all want something.

QUESTIONS FOR THE DAY: What do you want from life? What are your deepest desires? How would your ideal life look like? What is your chief aim in life? How do you define success?

DAY TWO: Your assignment and you

QUESTIONS FOR THE DAY: What is your assignment? What kind of problem would you love to solve for humanity? Can you tell me who you are without telling me what you do? Reflect on the answers before writing them.

DAY THREE: Gift your gift

QUESTIONS FOR THE DAY: How do you intend to serve your gift or assignment? In what ways can you display your gift for the world to see and benefit from it?

DAY FOUR: Whom to serve

QUESTIONS FOR THE DAY: Who can you serve our gift? Who will benefit from your ability?

DAY FIVE: Have values and principles

QUESTIONS FOR THE DAY: What are your values? Which life principles do you run on? What are your working decisions? What things are important to you? What are your priorities?

DAY SIX: You are strong somewhere

QUESTIONS FOR THE DAY: Which area is your strength zone? Where do you feel competent, capable and awesome? Which strength surprises you? Have you ever been shocked by a thing you could do? What was it? How can you become better and improve in this area of strength?

DAY SEVEN: You are weak somehow

QUESTIONS FOR THE DAY: What are your most glaring weaknesses? What kind of weakness do people find in you? What repels people about your lifestyle? Can you trace the origin of these weaknesses? Could it be from something that happened to you in the past? What does your weakness tell you about you?





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